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Pieces for Developers’ Top 23 Achievements of 2023

Pieces for Developers’ Top 23 Achievements of 2023
Pieces for Developers Top 23 Achievements of 2023.

We’re proud of all that our team accomplished this year! From shipping more than one product update every week to key hires that have transformed our approach to Growth and Customer Success, we’ve been busy making Pieces for Developers an indispensable part of your workflow.

We took a look back at how far we’ve come this year and debated long and hard to finalize a list of our 23 top achievements of 2023. If you’re interested in a retrospective of even more of our hard work, check out our News page and Changelog.

1. Pieces Copilot

Our biggest launch this year was Pieces Copilot. Since its debut in June, we’ve added Pieces Copilot into all of our integrations, introduced a first-of-its-kind 100% offline LLM chat experience, and pioneered copilots contextualized on your code.

Pieces Copilot in the Pieces Desktop App.

Pieces Copilot revolutionizes the way developers use copilots by providing fast, reliable, context-relevant interactions where devs already work, so there’s no need to leave your IDE or open a new browser tab. We’re insanely excited about the possibilities Pieces Copilot offers— there’s a whole lot more coming to the copilot in 2024.

2. Over 100,000 Installs of the Pieces Suite

We’re so proud to have reached more than 100,000 installs across the Pieces Suite. Our team worked tirelessly this year to build and promote our products, and we’re thrilled that our effort is paying off. Whether you joined the Pieces community this year or you’ve been here since our launch in 2020, welcome! We’re so happy you’re here!

3. 18 Pieces OS and Pieces Desktop App Releases

With over 18 major and minor feature releases, we’ve transformed Pieces OS and the Pieces Desktop App into truly helpful workflow assistants. This year, we shipped game-changing features like List View, Pieces Copilot, Global Search, and dozens more. We’re already looking ahead to next year and thrilled to unveil new features that make Pieces indispensable to your coding experience.

4. 11 Pieces for VS Code Releases

The Pieces for Developers VS Code Extension hit nearly 40,000 installs this year, released 11 updates, and added several AI-powered features. In March, Pieces for VS Code introduced Explore with Pieces Insights and Find Related Materials. Early this summer, we integrated our in-IDE Pieces Copilot, and now Pieces for VS Code supports nearly all of the same features as the Pieces Desktop App.

5. 12 Pieces for JetBrains Releases

The Pieces for Developers JetBrains Plugin began 2023 as an excellent extension of our core snippet manager. It ends the year as one of the most advanced AI-enabled plugins on the JetBrains marketplace. Our development team shipped features big and small, from the 100% offline, on-device, in-IDE Pieces Copilot to Drag & Drop code insertion and OCR support. Developers all over the world are making their JetBrains IDEs even more powerful by leveraging our cutting-edge plugin!

6. 5 Pieces Web Extension Releases

The Pieces Web Extension squeezed massive updates into its five feature releases. Our team worked hard to overhaul the web extension UI, add Pieces Copilot to your web experience, and extend compatibility to Brave, Opera, and Firefox browsers. We now leverage your browser’s side panel, allow you to chat with Pieces Copilot without opening a new tab, and make it even easier to discover and save code across the web.

Chatting with Pieces Copilot on the web.

7. 6 Pieces for Obsidian Releases

This summer, our Plugin Development team kicked it into high gear and developed two brand-new Pieces for Developers plugins. Pieces for Obsidian launched in June and is now over 1,000 users strong. The integration includes all of the Pieces functionality you know and love, including options for 100% local Pieces Copilot, snippet management, and asset streaming across the Pieces for Developers Suite.

8. 4 Pieces for JupyterLab Releases

In 2023, we were excited to extend the Pieces Suite to JupyterLab, a leading tool for data scientists. Pieces for JupyterLab went live in July to better support data science and other specialized development use cases in the Pieces Suite. As with all of our integrations, this year Pieces for JupyterLab gained Pieces Copilot, Related People, and offline, on-device capabilities. We’re excited to grow this community in 2024!

9. Pieces for Microsoft Teams

In the first half of the year, we collaborated with Microsoft to develop the custom Pieces for Microsoft Teams app. Designed to enrich technical discussions, the app seamlessly integrates with Teams. Users benefit from a suite of quick actions: effortlessly save code snippets from conversations, capture screenshots of code, and link team members and message context to the code being discussed, along with a few more. The app includes an innovative feature— a chatbot within the Teams chat window that provides instant assistance and elevates the overall experience in Teams.

10. Even More Pieces Web Extension Compatibility

As we discussed, the Pieces Web Extension got a major feature upgrade this year. We also worked hard to support more web browsers than ever before, and now support Firefox, Opera, and Edge in addition to Google Chrome and Brave. While the hard work of web compatibility is never done, we’re excited about these big steps forward to reach even more developers with the tools they already love.

11. Open Source by Pieces

We launched our first open-source project this fall! We’re excited to step into the open-source community and have published TypeScript, Dart, and Kotlin SDKs, with more on the way! If you’re interested in joining our open-source projects or building your own project on Pieces OS, check out our GitHub and join our Discord.

12. SOC 2 Type II Compliance

We spent 2023 working diligently to prepare for and conduct a SOC 2 Type II audit. In November, we were thrilled to share with the world that we passed! SOC 2 verifies that we meet strict organizational controls and practices and enhances our credibility and trustworthiness in the market. This achievement is a collective triumph for our team and reflects our dedication to maintaining secure and reliable services.

Pieces earned SOC 2 Compliance this year.

13. 6 New Team Members

Every member of the Pieces team has a huge impact on our product, our users, and our company. This year, we’re thrilled to have welcomed six new team members, including our first Chief Marketing Officer in April and our first Chief Customer Officer in November. Our increased focus on Growth and Customer Experience reflects our commitment to our growing user base, and we’re thrilled to see how all of our new team members will contribute to the Pieces story.

14. 8 Interns

We always love to host interns at Pieces. Our interns this year took on ambitious projects from prototyping future integrations to managing our social media and starting our Discord community. The eight interns who worked with us in 2023 infused the company with energy, taught us new things, and made meaningful contributions to our work. We know that they will continue to shine at Pieces and beyond!

Four robots.

15. 6 Events Sponsored

Pieces wouldn’t be the company it is today without the Cincinnati community. We appreciate every single person in the Cincinnati startup ecosystem and beyond who has tried our products, given us advice, or thrown an event that we attended. To make sure that we give back to our community, Pieces sponsored six events this year, including Startup Cincy Week, Haunted Halloween Bash to benefit the American Heart Association, Southwest Ohio Givecamp, and the Cincinnati Data Science and Analytics meetup.

16. 5 Conferences Attended

In 2023, we deepened relationships with the biggest tech companies in the world and, in some cases, took to the stage! We started our conference run at Microsoft Build in Seattle. There, we connected with Microsoft leadership and showcased our new Teams app— our logo made it into all three keynote presentations!

The same week, our European team connected with companies at Infoshare, the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

A few months later, our CEO and CMO gained access to Google Cloud Next. They connected with Google leadership and provided live demos of our offline capabilities all week long. We quickly followed up by sponsoring Startup Cincy Week, where our HQ staff met up with other members of the awesome Cincinnati startup community and Tsavo took to the stage.

The team rounded out the year at GitHub Universe in San Francisco. This energizing conference brought inspiration and new connections and was an excellent conference for our team to round out the year.

A collage of our team members at various conferences throughout the year.

17. 11 Livestreams

Our CEO, Tsavo Knott, joined our team and other members of the dev community on 11 different livestreams in 2023. We kicked it off with GitHub’s inaugural Start It Up Wednesday, and chatted about Pieces with Google, Microsoft, and DZone. We also organized six livestreams of our own, where our team discussed some of our newest features and initiatives. Check out our YouTube channel to catch up on everything we did this year!

18. More than 10,500,000 Site Impressions

Our first Chief Marketing Officer has made a massive impact on our website, especially our SEO and organic impressions. Impressions on pieces.app are up more than 750% year-over-year to more than 10.5 million. This channel alone provided 21.9k conversions (direct downloads or product marketplace visits), while strongly influencing the impact of other channels like Direct traffic (13.3k conversions). This is an amazing improvement for just one year, and we can’t wait to see what our Growth team can pull off in 2024!

19. 10 Podcasts

This year, Tsavo took to the airwaves on ten podcasts. Each podcast provided a glimpse into the long-term vision at Pieces and the intricacies of building an AI-powered developer tool. Scott Hanselman put it best when he said, “Everyone's got a copilot. You're inverted, you’ve rotated the whole thing. It's not a vertical copilot, it's a horizontal one.”

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

20. Share as a GitHub Gist

In March, we introduced a brand new way to share and back up the snippets in your Pieces repository. Integrating with GitHub Gists allows you to share your snippets and their context via one of the most widely used development tools in the world. This was the first step in our limitless GitHub integration and we’re thrilled to explore it further in 2024!

Robots building the Pieces + GitHub rocket ship.

21. Documentation Site

Our new docs are one of our biggest DevEx improvements this year. At the start of 2023, it took a lot of work to self-troubleshoot or learn about our less-publicized features. Our entire team worked hard to document the dozens of incredibly helpful features available in the Pieces for Developers Suite, and we’re proud that our users can now take advantage of even more of Pieces’ products and capabilities.

The homepage of the Pieces documentation center.

22. Pieces Discord Community Launch

One of our goals this year was to build community and get closer to our users. In Q2, we launched a Discord server that now has more than 700 members. Since the inception of our Open Source channel, more than 150 people have joined our Open Source Discord community! Our Discord members provide valuable feedback, support, and camaraderie to the entire Pieces community. Drop in and say hello!

23. The Pieces Team

Each person who works at Pieces is truly an integral part of our team. We’re so lucky to build cutting-edge products with coworkers who have become friends. This year we made time for team building by welcoming our remote team to Cincinnati throughout the year, gathering our international ML team for a work week in Barcelona, celebrating Friendsgiving, hosting a Pieces Holiday Party, playing team trivia games at every All Hands, and spending time with each other at countless lunches and happy hours. 2023 could not have been such a success without our amazing teammates!

Headshots of the members of the Pieces team.


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