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New Features

Pieces qGPT RAG Copilot, Live Data Synchronization, and More: Pieces for Developers JupyterLab Plugin 1.1.1

The Pieces for Developers team has been hard at work for the last month on another release for our JupyterLab Plugin. This release includes two exciting new features: an automatic code enrichment tool that can generate comments relevant to the selected code and our qGPT RAG Copilot, which is a chatbot that is contextualized by the code within a user’s notebook(s), allowing you to query your notebooks with plain text.

Pieces qGPT RAG Copilot

Our new Copilot can gain context from multiple notebooks, allowing for an unparalleled AI chat experience that is unattainable from traditional approaches such as ChatGPT. The Pieces Copilot contextualizes itself on your notebooks (within the same directory that you used to initialize the JupyterLab server) to power a question-answering model based on your code.

Chatting with the Pieces Copilot in JupyterLab.

Plus, we link to the files that the model used, so you can quickly go directly to the source of the knowledge and find exactly what you need. This means you no longer need to search for older notebooks within your files, simply let the AI do it for you!

Live Data Synchronization

This release also incorporates live data synchronization into the plugin. Essentially, whenever modifications occur in your Pieces repository via another integration, like the Pieces Desktop App, those alterations are instantly updated in your Pieces JupyterLab Plugin. This upgrade brings immense value and we are thrilled to have brought it to fruition at this young phase of the plugin's development cycle.

Context Menu Enrich Button

Last but definitely not least, we released a new item in the code cell context menu!

This simple yet exciting feature allows a user to select some code within a block, right click, and select ‘Enrich via Pieces’ to automatically generate comments explaining how the code is used.

This powerful feature increases the velocity of your JupyterLab workflow— our team already uses it a lot!

We are thrilled to witness the escalating success of this plugin, which is about to hit 300 downloads. Our team looks forward to developing innovative features that will significantly benefit the JupyterLab community.

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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