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Access Pieces Copilot in the JetBrains Suite 🔥: Pieces for JetBrains 6.0.0

Get ready for an amazing update to our Pieces for JetBrains plugin!

Developers have absolutely loved using the Pieces Copilot in our Pieces for Developers desktop app. That’s why we’re bringing support for Pieces Copilot to our JetBrains Plugin! Now you will be able to access Pieces Copilot right from the JetBrains suite. The Copilot is contextualized by the code that you have saved to Pieces, allowing you to ask any technical questions and receive instant code suggestions and solutions.

The Pieces Copilot in JetBrains.

Pieces Copilot for JetBrains

Chatting with Pieces Copilot in IntelliJ.

To use the Pieces Copilot, you can directly select a code snippet and ask the Copilot a question. Plus, you can have follow-up discussions with the Copilot in the Copilot chat window.

Let’s take a look at a couple of common use cases on how Pieces Copilot can be useful:

Are you stuck on a stubborn Java bug? Don’t worry! Just highlight the problematic code, ask the Pieces Copilot for help, and get immediate solutions or debugging tips.

Chatting with the copilot.

Let’s say you're working on a complex function and you're unsure about the optimal way to implement certain logic. Simply select the relevant code snippet, ask the Pieces Copilot your question, and receive instant code suggestions right in your JetBrains IDE.

Using the right-click context menu in the Copilot.

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