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Pieces for Developers Obsidian Plugin Now Available for Download

The Pieces for Developers Obsidian Plugin.

Introducing the Pieces for Developers Obsidian plugin! This new plugin is designed to help developers to save time and work more efficiently in Obsidian. By bringing Pieces closer to your note-taking process, you can capture more context and minimize the time spent searching for previous code.

Witness the effortless saving and reuse of code snippets, and the sheer magic of extracting code from a YouTube tutorial while exploring its related links, all made possible through machine learning. Experience the transformative power as the video delves into those machine learning-generated links, where we explore and read documentation related to the extracted code snippet. 🚀

With single-click edit transforms, you can make your snippets more readable and enhance them with inline comments, unraveling the intricacies of your code. The beat-driven energy of the music perfectly complements the dynamic visual showcase of these groundbreaking features, providing an immersive and inspiring journey for developers. 🔥

Pieces for Developers streamlines your workflow like never before. It's the ideal tool for everyone from individual developers to scaled enterprises. Pieces assists in creating a central repository for code snippets, screenshots, related links, and, most importantly, preserves the workflow context. This ensures that the resources developers frequently interact with - while researching in the browser, collaborating over chats, or writing/reviewing code in their IDE - are never lost. 💪

Getting Started

While the Pieces for Developers Obsidian plugin is still in Early Access, you can install it by following along with this video:

You can also follow these download instructions for the latest Pieces for Obsidian release:

  1. Download and unzip the latest obsidian-pieces-X.X.X zip file
  2. Put that folder in your Documents/Obsidian Vault/.obsidian/plugins directory
  3. Go to Obsidian > Settings > Community plugins
  4. Enable the Pieces For Obsidian plugin under Installed plugins

Available Features


Similar to our IDE plugins, there are several ways to save a snippet in Pieces for Obsidian:

  • Highlight the text, right-click, and select "Save to Pieces."
  • Click the Pieces button within any code block.
  • Highlight the desired code and use a dedicated keyboard shortcut.
Saving a snippet with the Pieces for Developers Obsidian plugin.


To view your snippets, open the Pieces View from the Ribbon Menu.

  • You can group your snippets by recent saves or by language.
  • Search your snippets to save time scrolling through your markdown.
Viewing a snippet in Pieces for Obsidian.


  • Copy and share your snippets from the Pieces View.
  • You can expand your code snippets to view the meta-data that Pieces automatically generates for you.
  • View your snippets with syntax highlighting.
Searching for a snippet in the Pieces for Developers Obsidian plugin.


There are a few ways to share a snippet with a Pieces shareable link:

  • Highlight the text, right-click, and select "Share via Pieces Link."
  • Click the Pieces Share button within any code block / in the Pieces View.
  • Highlight the desired code and use a dedicated keyboard shortcut.
Sharing a snippet via Pieces shareable link.

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For help with the Pieces for Developers Obsidian Plugin, check out our documentation. And, as always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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