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Pieces for Developers 1.12.0 & Pieces OS 4.1.0: Global Search, A Faster Way to Find Developer Materials ⚡🌎

We are thrilled to announce the release of two exciting features in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App. First, Global Search 🌎, an innovative new way to find materials in Pieces that sets the stage for even more advanced search capabilities in the future. Using natural language queries and a minimalist UI, Global Search makes it easy to find the materials you need in record time. Second, we’re introducing Productivity Scores 💯; a new way to gauge the usefulness of a snippet. With higher scores indicating greater usefulness, Productivity Scores are a powerful tool for boosting your productivity and getting more value out of the materials you save to Pieces.

Effortlessly Find Materials with Global Search 🌎

We’re super excited to release the first version of an entirely new way to find materials in Pieces: Global Search. This sets the stage for exciting future search capabilities 🔍, allowing you to solve problems faster and find the materials you need quickly and easily with natural language. With its intuitive interface and lighting-fast ⚡ results, Global Search is sure to become an essential tool in your workflow. Try it out by selecting "Global Search" from the navigation dropdown next to the search bar.

An example of Global Search in Pieces.

Productivity Scores 💯

In Global Search, you’ll notice that each material is labeled with a Productivity Score. This is a unique way to get an approximation of how useful a snippet is for you— the higher the score, the better!

Productivity Scores in Pieces.

Productivity Scores will go up the more you reference, copy, share, or manage your materials in Pieces. We have a lot more in store for the Productivity Score feature, including generating an approximate time savings. Keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks.

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