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New Features

UX/UI Updates

List View 📁, Upgraded Onboarding 👋, and More: Pieces for Developers 2.0.0 & Pieces OS 4.2.3

We are thrilled to introduce List View in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App! Designed with developers in mind, this new way to view and organize your snippets empowers you to streamline your workflow, enhance efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity.

At its core, List View is a game-changer for managing and displaying your snippets. It offers an intuitive and flexible interface that simplifies the process of organizing and interacting with your snippets and their metadata.

This release also includes an upgraded onboarding flow that allows new users to customize Pieces for Developers even further, as well as updated local ML models that generate titles and descriptions for your snippets incredibly quickly. Plus, bug fixes, performance improvements, and other behind-the-scenes enhancements that make Pieces even better.

A new way to view your snippets

After careful consideration and many thoughtful requests, we are proud to share that the Pieces for Developers Desktop App now has a master-detail List View!

Now, you can choose between browsing your snippets in the existing Gallery View or in the new List View.

Use the Gallery View to optimize your experience for large snippet previews, or use the List View to optimize for fast browsing and seeing more at-a-glance.

Users can navigate between these views at their leisure and set a default via the Settings Menu.

The new list view in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App.

Customize your experience

The onboarding flow for the Pieces for Developers Desktop App got a series of improvements, including a brand new page to Customize your Experience.

From the Customize your Experience page, users can:

  1. Customize their theme
  2. Choose between being connected to the cloud or local only
  3. Establish their primary layout (Gallery View or the new List View)
  4. Identify their Top Languages and their Developer Persona to help assist with machine learning in Pieces

This marks the start of users being able to make Pieces feel like home. 🏡We hope you will!

Customizing your experience in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App onboarding.

To edit any of these settings, visit the Settings Menu within the Pieces Desktop App by tapping the comma (,) key.

Pieces OS

Today’s release of Pieces OS includes updated Local ML models that generate titles and descriptions for your snippets. Because they’re local, you’ll notice that they populate incredibly quickly!

Pieces quickly generates a title and description for a new snippet.

This version of Pieces OS also includes some infrastructure adjustments for the newly released Pieces for Developers Microsoft Teams app.

Pieces for Microsoft Teams

We’re thrilled to launch Pieces for Microsoft Teams, our newest plugin that helps developers to save time and work more efficiently. Bringing Pieces closer to where you collaborate means that you’ll capture more context, spend less time searching for previous snippets, and more easily communicate with your technical teammates.

With our newest application, you can effortlessly save code snippets, capture workflow context, and access other useful developer tools from the Pieces Suite.

We’d love to know what you think of Pieces for Microsoft Teams! Share feature requests, bug reports, and other feedback with us in our Discord Server.

Join our Discord Server 🎉

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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