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Pieces for VS Code 0.6.0: Select Some Code. Find Related Materials. ✨

As a developer, your time is seriously valuable, which is why we've added the Find Related Materials function to our Visual Studio Code extension. This feature is designed to help developers streamline their search process for code snippets and other materials. By selecting a piece of code in your editor and using "Find Related Materials in Pieces," you can easily search through your saved snippets, making it even easier to reference, reuse, and share on the fly. With Pieces for Developers, you can now spend more time developing and less time searching through code libraries.

Find Related Materials in Pieces

Sometimes you know you’ve saved a helpful snippet to your current project, but you can’t remember exactly what it is. By using Pieces to find Related Materials, you can easily discover the snippet you were looking for, or a different, equally useful snippet.

Highlight some code in your editor, right-click, and select “Find Related Materials in Pieces.” Pieces will search your saved snippets and display any related materials in the Side Panel, so that you can easily add them to your project.

Demonstration of finding Related Materials.

If you’d like to auto-save the code you’ve highlighted, you can toggle on “Auto-Save Related Snippet Selection” in the Extension Settings.

Customize Side Panel View

With the introduction of Related Materials, Pieces for VS Code offers six Side Panel Views with useful information. While you can toggle them open or closed at any point, if you’d like to make the Side Panel a little less noisy, head to your Extension Settings. From there, you can toggle off any Side Panel Views that you don’t want right now!

Pieces for VS Code Settings.

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