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Access Pieces Copilot Streaming from VS Code 🌊 : Pieces for VS Code 1.3.3

We're thrilled to unveil a host of exciting updates to the Pieces for Developers VS Code Extension in this release!

Based on valuable feedback from our developer community, we've introduced several enhancements to the Pieces Copilot. Key features in this update include the introduction of Copilot Streaming for faster response times, and significant improvements to the Context Selector for more precise context referencing. Additionally, we've added the ability to right-click on any file or folder in VS Code to ask the Pieces Copilot about it.

These updates are designed to provide a smoother, more efficient, tailored experience when using the Pieces Copilot in our VS Code Extension.

Pieces Copilot Streaming for VS Code Plugin

Streaming responses with the Pieces copilot.

We're excited to announce a major enhancement to the Pieces Copilot's response generation! With the introduction of Copilot Streaming, responses are now delivered incrementally via WebSocket, resulting in significantly faster response times. This update improves the user experience as you interact with Pieces Copilot.

Improvements to Context Selector

Selecting your context for the Pieces Copilot.

The Context Selector allows you to handpick the specific files that the Pieces Copilot should reference. The enhancements in this release provide you with greater control over the Pieces Copilot's source of information, ensuring more accurate and relevant responses.

Now, upon startup, the Context Selector will expand all folders, providing a clear view of the selected files. This gives you greater flexibility and allows you to easily exclude specific folders or files. This means you can fine-tune the reference for the Pieces Copilot.

Right-click on any file or folder in VS Code and ask Pieces Copilot

Right-click ask Copilot.

This new feature is super useful! You can right click either a folder or a file and ask the Pieces Copilot any question regarding that folder/file.The context selector will automatically narrow down its reference to only the selected folder or file, providing context specifically from that source. This ensures that the Copilot's responses are more relevant and precise, based on the specific context of your selection.

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