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Pieces for JetBrains 4.8.0: Introducing Drag and Drop ✨ + Customized Search 🔎

Introducing Drag and Drop functionality in Pieces for JetBrains! Today, we’re making it easier to save, reclassify, and reuse code within your JetBrains IDE with Drag and Drop. This new feature makes managing your code snippets even more seamless and efficient. We’re also adding customizations to your Search Everywhere experience so that Pieces does exactly what you want it to do.

Drag and Drop

Saving, reclassifying and reusing code were already pretty simple, but now they’re even simpler— all you have to do is drag a snippet around your JetBrains IDE. There are three specific features supported by Drag and Drop:

Create a Snippet

Highlight some code in your editor and drag it to the Pieces window to save it as a new snippet. Pieces automatically associates all of the usual context with the new snippet, but if you want to ensure that it’s classified as a certain language, just drag it to that section of the List View.

Reclassify a Snippet

Along with classifying a new snippet, dragging an existing snippet from one language to another will automatically reclassify it. These changes are reflected in the Pieces desktop app, as well!

Reuse a Snippet

Finally, it just got super simple to place a snippet exactly where you want it in your editor. Just drag a snippet from your Pieces list to wherever you want it to be, then keep on coding.

Using drag and drop in Pieces for JetBrains.

Customized Search

You can now customize what happens after you select the snippet you just searched for. From the Pieces for JetBrains settings, you can choose the following search result actions:

  • Open the snippet (default)
  • Insert the snippet
  • Open the snippet and copy it to your clipboard
  • Copy the snippet to your clipboard
Adjusting your settings in Pieces for JetBrains.

To insert the snippet you just searched for, hold ⌥ option on MacOS or Alt on Windows and click where you’d like the snippet to be. This makes it easier and faster to reference snippets without the time-consuming steps of navigating to the settings view.

Remember, in order to access Search Everywhere in JetBrains, hit [CMD+shift+P] on MacOS or [CTRL+shift+P] on Windows!

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