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Shareable links land in plugins

We’ve gotten fantastic feedback from users since last week’s mega release of one-click Snippet Sharing from the Pieces for Developers desktop app!

We’re not surprised - devs share snippets constantly, but most tools like Slack or Discord struggle to present and index code as code for readers. Sharing snippets via Pieces couldn’t be easier, and recipients benefit from improved formatting, syntax highlighting, tags and related links, which means your recipients receive both the code AND the context around that code.

Today’s releases for VS Code and JetBrains bring the power of single-click snippet sharing to your editor! Now you can highlight any code in your editor, right-click to generate a Pieces shareable link and share anywhere, all without even having the Pieces desktop app open! Your recipients get all that context right alongside the code - including the file name, the line numbers and auto-generated tags.

Update or install the latest Pieces for VS Code and Pieces for JetBrains plugins to up your code sharing game today!

Shareable links

Create shareable links — with just one click! — directly in VS Code and JetBrains. Just highlight your code, right-click and select “Share via Pieces Link.” Depending on your preferences, the link will either be automatically copied to your clipboard or you can click to copy it yourself.

Creating a shareable link in Pieces for JetBrains.

In VS Code, you can also generate a link for a saved snippet in tree view by right-clicking and selecting “Share via Pieces Link.”

Creating a shareable link in Pieces for VS Code.

Just like the snippets you’ve shared from Pieces for Developers, recipients instantly save the snippet to their Pieces library, and shared snippets preserve their formatting, syntax highlighting, tags and related links, so you can share the code and its context.

Note: In order to generate sharable links, you must have Pieces OS and Pieces for Developers, and you must be connected to the cloud.

Connect to the Cloud from VS Code

You can now log into your account and connect to the cloud from the sidebar in VS Code. No need to open the VS Code settings or Pieces for Developers to make sure that you’re properly connected— just check “Connect” in your sidebar.

Connecting to the cloud from Pieces for VS Code.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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