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Become a Pieces Content Partner and get paid to create amazing technical content.

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How does the Pieces Content Partner Program work?

You create killer content, we’ll pay you. Get paid to write, post, review, code or create content that’s helpful to the development community. Interested in more than article writing? Let us know your experience with developer advocacy in your application!

We promote your work. We’ll promote your content to our ever-growing audience and even highlight you as a content partner.  Some of our first articles have gained tens of thousands of impressions within a week of release.

Contribute to the developer community. Learning is the most important part of being a developer. Every piece of content you create will help others learn something new.

Become a Pieces Content Partner

Technical content creators and open source contributors are at the core of amazing products. Become a Pieces Content Partner and get paid to create amazing technical content.

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Being able to create content that’s valuable, interesting and matters is what I admire and working with Pieces as content partner allowed me do just that. We were able to put out high quality content that has been found helpful by many devs and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Rutvik Tak - Freelance Flutter Developer

What are examples of good content?

Good technical content means that developers came away more knowledgable on a particular topic.

Good content also naturally places Pieces functionality in your content. This can include using Pieces shareable links, creating Pieces snippet collections with a single link download, highlighting a particular Pieces integration and how it impacts your topic and more.

If you’re not sure how to include Pieces in your content, we can help you. In almost every piece of technical content, we believe there is a way that Pieces functionality can make your content more useful for the audience.

Writing articles for the Pieces blog was an outstanding experience. The team is incredibly accommodating and responsive.

Mohammad Faisal - Software Engineer @ Cruise

Why Pieces?

Pieces is your personal micro-repo to save, reuse, and share frequently used code snippets. We are truly building a tool that EVERY developer can use! Part of building a product that developers love is engraining ourselves in communities and delivering genuinely helpful content.

As part of our content creator program, you get to join other technical creators who are extremely passionate about helping others and teaching.

Working with Pieces has been a welcoming and easy process; everyone I’ve interacted with has been kind and helpful.

Melvin Kosisochukwu - Frontend Engineer @ Crunchy Network