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Welcome to the Future of AI Copilots 🦾 Introducing Live Context, the Workstream Pattern Engine, and Support for GPT-4o: Pieces for Developers 2.12.2 & Pieces OS 9.0.3

We’re thrilled to unveil the future of AI Copilots— the world’s first temporally grounded, on-device coding companion, available to everyone for free! Pieces Copilot+ offers intelligent, context-aware responses to all of your coding and workstream-based questions, creating a transformative coding experience. Pieces Copilot+ doesn't just understand your code; it connects dots across your work to provide you with relevant, timely, and detailed responses you can’t get anywhere else.

This temporal grounding allows Pieces Copilot+ to provide context that is dynamically aligned with what you're working on and when, across your tools, enabling you to ask complex, time-sensitive questions that go beyond the capabilities of traditional tools.

Of course, this release is also stuffed with additional features and enhancements, including support for the latest LLM from OpenAI, GPT-4o, the new Focused Chat Mode, and a streamlined updating process. Check it out today and let us know what you think!

Introducing Live Context: Chat about anything, from anywhere, with Pieces Copilot+

Live Context, powered by our all-new Workstream Pattern Engine in Pieces Copilot+, is a truly groundbreaking new feature, and we’re excited to share it with you.

This innovation is designed to significantly enhance your development experience by integrating intelligent, context-aware functionalities throughout your workflow. Live Context lets you temporally ground your Pieces Copilot Chats with relevant, recent context from around your workflow. This feature allows you to ask natural questions like:

  • "What was I discussing with Mack this morning in Google Chat?"
  • "Where did I leave off with my work?"
  • "Can you improve the performance of the method I just wrote?"
  • "What was I researching earlier that relates to the error I'm getting in IntelliJ?"
  • “How should I adjust the initCopilot function given the global state implementation details outlined in Obsidian?”
  • “What was the one-liner I just had written on YouTube?”

Live Context operates seamlessly across your entire desktop environment, whether you're connected to the internet or working in isolation. It proactively captures a wide array of information related to your current project, ensuring that the context it provides is not only comprehensive but also exceedingly relevant.

All of this is powered by our Workstream Pattern Engine, an intelligent, on-device system that integrates with your day-to-day activities to capture essential workflow materials. This engine supports the functionality of Live Context by grounding your interactions in temporally relevant data.

To use Live Context, head to the Copilot Chats view in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App and select “New Chat.” In the “Set Context” section, tap the option labeled “Live Context”.

Starting a copilot chat with Live Context.

Important Note: The Workstream Pattern Engine must be turned on to use Live Context. We’ve made this super easy to do from wherever you’re getting started.

If you’re on macOS and this is your first time enabling the Workstream Pattern Engine, there will be a few permissions we require to get up and running. (Note: Windows users don’t need to do this!)

The necessary permissions screen.

If you’re the type of user who wants to manage when the Workstream Pattern Engine is and isn’t running, we’ve got you taken care of. 🙂

If you know us by now, privacy and security are the heart and soul of what we do. That’s why we’ve done everything to date with a local, offline-first approach, including the Workstream Pattern Engine.

If you’d like to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to open an issue on our public GitHub Support Repository and we’ll be happy to share more.

For now, this update includes a few enhanced control features, such as:

  • Toggle On/Off: Manage when the engine captures data according to your preference
  • Pause: Temporarily disable data capture for pre-set durations
  • Clear Data: Remove all previously captured data for added privacy and efficiency
The Machine Learning section of the Settings menu.

In the future, we’ll introduce more fine-grained control over the WPE enabling you to filter which applications are captured, custom time windows, and more.

So that you have the best experience with the WPE, we recommend using one of the available Cloud LLMs in Pieces, such as GPT-4o.

These updates mark the beginning of many exciting new features powered by the Workstream Pattern Engine, starting with Live Context in Pieces Copilot+. We can't wait to see how these tools will transform your development process. 🎉

2x Faster & Trained on the Latest Data: Meet GPT-4o

Using GPT-4o to power your Pieces Copilot.

Earlier this week, OpenAI announced their latest LLM, GPT-4o. Its speed and accuracy set the developer world abuzz, and we knew we wanted to support it as quickly as possible. Today’s release includes GPT-4o support, so you can use this model—for free—to power your Pieces Copilot Chats.

We’re impressed with the speed with which GPT-4o, combined with Pieces’ own Live Context, can help you solve problems and reduce context switching in your workstream. To try it out, adjust your Copilot Runtime, in the lower left corner of the Copilot Chats view.

Focus on your Copilot Chats with Focus Mode

Using Focus Mode in Pieces Copilot.

Pieces Copilot has become a constant companion for thousands of developers around the world. To help keep you in the zone, we’re introducing Focus Mode. This is a beautiful feature designed to enhance your concentration by minimizing distractions in the Pieces Copilot user interface and providing you with maximum screen real estate to focus solely on your current chat.

To access Focus Mode:

  1. Click the icon in the top-right corner of your chats list
  2. Use the hotkey ⌘+] on macOS or Ctrl+] on Windows and Linux
  3. Search "focus" in the Pieces Power Menu

To leave Focus Mode, just hit esc or tap ⌘+[ on macOS or Ctrl+[ on Windows and Linux.

Check for Pieces OS Updates from the Desktop App

Update Pieces OS from the Pieces Desktop App.

It can be frustrating to experience errors due to mismatched Pieces OS and Pieces Desktop App versions, so we made it easier to ensure compatibility between Pieces OS and the Desktop App. With this update, you can effortlessly update Pieces OS directly from the Desktop App.

Simply access the Settings Popover Menu or navigate to the Settings View to see your current update status—whether you're up-to-date, an update is available, or an update is ready to install.

As always, if you encounter any issues during the update process, please contact the Pieces support team. We're here to help you resolve any problems quickly and ensure your system is running smoothly.

Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and Performance Improvements

We're dedicated to enhancing your coding workflow, and this update delivers a series of improvements aimed at refining navigation, boosting performance, and enhancing overall stability. Our commitment is to perfect your experience, one update at a time.

Notable Improvements:

  • Code Block Selection: We've resolved issues reported by users regarding difficulty in selecting code blocks within the Copilot Chats.
  • Power Menu Display: Adjustments have been made to fix the display of the Power Menu, which previously appeared squished when the zoom level of Pieces or the device zoom was increased.
  • Settings Clarity: To eliminate confusion between the Copilot Settings and the Main App Settings View, we've added a "View All Settings" button to the Copilot Settings dialog, making navigation between settings more intuitive.

User Support

If you need help, check out our Github repo where you can create issues to get assistance from us and other users, as well as join in on discussions to request features, show off something you’ve done lately with Pieces, and generally engage with us and the rest of the Pieces community.

As always, you can reach out to us for individual assistance by filling out this quick form. Don’t forget to check out our extensive documentation as well!

Pieces ❤️ Open Source

Did you know Pieces has recently broken into the Open Source community? We recently launched support for our TypeScript SDK on NPM where developers around the world have started to build on top of the Pieces Platform and get familiar with our APIs.

With our SDKs, you can build your own apps, extend Pieces functionality, and so much more. Check out our GitHub to learn more about our Open Source initiatives and how you can start contributing today!

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