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1.6.0: Share snippets with one click

We’ve been eagerly anticipating today’s release for a LONG time! When we first decided to build Pieces, we started with ensuring an amazing “single-player experience” for developers to save, enrich and re-use their snippets seamlessly throughout their day. But we knew we eventually wanted to make sharing snippets with teammates 10x better. Today marks the release of Snippet Sharing in Pieces!

There are two more massive upgrades in today’s release:

The Pieces AI assistant now auto-generates tags for your saved snippets so you can find things more easily later.

And Pieces is now ~5x faster across the board for saving, scrolling, searching… pretty much every action just got massively faster.

Let us know what you think!

[New!] Share snippets with one click

If you’re anything like us, you’re sharing snippets all day long in Slack with your teammates. But Slack doesn’t recognize and handle code well, which means formatting is broken, syntax highlighting is wrong and good luck finding that snippet via search after a few messages.

With today’s upgrade to Pieces, you can now share snippets by generating a shareable link. When you share these links in Slack, email or wherever, recipients instantly save the snippet to their Pieces library, and best of all, shared snippets preserve their formatting, syntax highlighting, tags and related links, which means your recipients receive both the code AND the context around your snippet.

It’s super easy to share - just tap [⌘/Ctrl + L] on the piece and the link will be instantly on your clipboard, ready for sharing.

A shareable link in Pieces for Developers.

If you edit your snippet after sending a link, click “Update Link” and the previously shared link will be refreshed with the new snippet value.

If you shared a snippet accidentally, just “Revoke Link”.

When someone shares a snippet with you, just click the link and the snippet will be automatically saved in your Pieces repository.

Sharing a Pieces link via Slack.

[New!] Auto-generated tags via the Pieces AI Assistant

As you save more and more snippets, screenshots and URLs to Pieces, it’s critical that we make it easy for you to find what you need.

Today our AI team is thrilled to release auto-generated tags! Complimentary to manual tagging, auto-tags are generated based on the meta-data we infer from the snippet itself, from where it was saved (in your IDE or a web page) and other inputs.

This means you can now search Pieces using natural language!

The first image series below shows auto-tags from saving a snippet from StackOverflow - you’ll see the source link is auto-captured and there are multiple auto-tags so you can find this snippet easily later.

A snippet in Pieces for Developers.
The auto-generated tags associated with the above snippet.

The second image series shows auto-tags from a CSS snippet. Pieces recognizes and tags the hex colors in the code so you can search for this code later by color.

A snippet in Pieces for Developers.
The color-specific tags associated with the above snippet.

Best of all - your existing snippets in Pieces have been retroactively enhanced with auto-tags for easier search. Check them out by hitting [⌘/Ctrl + I].

Mega performance improvements

Pieces got a major performance boost and is now ~5X faster. You’ll notice this most around saving, searching and sharing; we’ve also upgraded our OCR to improve performance and accuracy around code that’s identified from screenshots and images.

“What’s New in Pieces”

We’re furiously shipping new features, performance improvements and bug fixes, and now you’ll be able to explore the release highlights right inside the app.

The "What's new in Pieces" dialog.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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