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Pieces Recap: Save to Pieces As, Git History, Dart CLI tutorials and more

It’s been a big month at Pieces, with five released updates to the Pieces for Developers Suite and nearly two dozen published articles, among other accomplishments. We wanted to take a moment to highlight our favorite Pieces features, a few of our top authors (and their articles) and other milestones that we hit in October.

Milestones of the Month

  1. Pieces for VS Code has been installed more than 10,000 times 🎉
  2. More than 2,000 people read our blog in October 📖

Features of the Month

Our engineering team has pushed a monster 5 releases this month! We’re particularly excited about two brand-new features that landed in our Plugins: “Save to Pieces As” in Pieces for JetBrains and auto-captured Git History snippet enrichment in Pieces for VS Code and Pieces for JetBrains.

Save to Pieces As

Just like the “Save As” you know and love, “Save to Pieces As” allows you to adjust a snippet’s auto-generated context before you save it. With pre-generated enrichment, including a title, tags, a description, related links, related people and more, it’s super simple to add a more descriptive title or remove an unnecessary tag. Read more about the feature here.

Auto-captured Git History

Every developer uses Git— now Pieces leverages your Git history to add even more relevant context to your snippets. Starting this month, when you save a snippet from a Git-enabled repo, our IDE plugins auto-magically associate commit messages, commit authors, project and file names and more. Learn all about it in the release notes.

Authors of the Month

Rutvik Tak’s in-depth tutorials about building projects with Flutter are wildly helpful to the entire community, as they’re easy to follow and produce great results. If you’re interested in pushing Dart and Flutter in fascinating new directions, check out Rutvik’s explanation of how to Build a Pong Game in Flutter with Flame or the first installment in his series about building CLIs in Dart.

Ejiro Thankgod’s deep dive into creating new single-page applications in React provides four alternatives to create-react-app so you can pick the best one for your project. Check out the pros and cons of each in this blog post.

Are you trying to implement registration and login capabilities in your Flutter app? Visual learners will find it simple to code along with Ammanullah Bahram in his video tutorial Flutter Getx Rest API Tutorial - Registration & Login | Post Method.

Pieces Power Tip

We’ve lost count of how many ways Pieces can improve your workflow. From specific types of enrichment to interactions between the different products in our Suite, we’ll be spotlighting a specific Power Tip each month. This month, make sure you’re harnessing the full power of our Chrome Extension!

Beam snippets directly from the web to your IDE with the Pieces Chrome extension. Your snippet is instantly usable and it’s saved with all of its context for later.

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