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Pieces for UltraEdit available for beta release

Today's a big day at Pieces as we're excited to beta release the Pieces for UltraEdit integration! This is a landmark for us as this is the first integration on top of the Pieces app built entirely by a third-party developer - in this case, our friends and partners at UltraEdit.

Here's how to get started:

  • Download UltraEdit 28
  • Download Pieces if it's not already running on your machine

That's it! UltraEdit will automatically detect Pieces and activate key features in UltraEdit.

So what does the Pieces for UltraEdit integration do?

When the integration is active, you'll find a right-click context menu for Pieces inside UltraEdit that packs a lot of punch:

  • Right-click (or hit CTRL-P twice) to save highlighted code or entire files to Pieces without leaving UltraEdit
  • Right-click to insert snippets you've previously saved to Pieces. You'll find all your snippets auto-organized by language.

The best part? You don't have to even have Pieces open to perform these actions. Stay in your flow, and save/retrieve just what you want without leaving UltraEdit.

And rest assured - all your snippets are saved in the dedicated Pieces app if you want to the full experience of searching, renaming, recategorizing and more.

What's up next on the Pieces for UltraEdit product roadmap?

  • Back up individual or all your pieces to the cloud
  • Sharing a piece with colleagues

Send us feedback!

Pieces for UltraEdit is free through the end of the year. Tell your friends and colleagues and share feedback anytime at or hit [SHIFT + !] from inside the Pieces app.

Are you a developer interested in building on top of the Pieces file fragment platform?

Let's chat! We've got ideas and a robust API for you to build on. Contact us at


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