Save Pieces in UltraEdit

Right click and save code from different projects to use across directories and files with Global find and replace.

UltraEdit 28.2 now in beta with Pieces support!

Save snippets without breaking your flow

Right-click or use hotkeys to save code and files from UE 28.

Paste and Auto-Complete into UltraEdit from Pieces

Stop re-writing the same code.  Insert from Pieces or leverage intelligent suggestions as you type
Insert snippet in UE from Pieces

Send code to UltraEdit from Chrome

Right-click or use hotkeys to save code from Stack Overflow or any page on the web directly to Pieces for UltraEdit

Air-gapped for your privacy, by default

Locally hosted app, fully air-gapped with opt-in cloud services for backup, syncing and sharing

Browse your snippets in Pieces Desktop

Always on, never in the way.  Lightweight UI, keyboard shortcuts in a focused code browser.
Pieces Desktop Zen Mode
Built for devs, by devs
Deeply Integrated icon
Deeply Integrated
Deeply integrated into your favorite IDE and tools
Enterprise Icon
Enterprise Grade
Optimized to protect your most sensitive information at all times
Offline Icon
Offline Compatibility
Fully offline capable while syncing your data if you choose
Theme Icon
Theme Customizations
Customize your theme so Pieces fits your flow
Sharing Icon
Sharing (Coming Soon)
Share code and files with colleagues with minimal friction