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Pieces for Developers Recap: Reimagined Visual Studio Code Marketplace Listing, Workflow Activity Upgrades, Smart Actions in the Desktop App 💥

Three product releases, 22 Blog posts, 100s of downloads of the Pieces for Developers Suite— 2023 is off to a strong start!

Milestones of the Month

  1. 3 Product Releases, 8 New Features 🎉, 16 Bugs Squashed 🐛 and 4 Performance Improvements ⚡️
  2. More than 3,000 developers are now reading our blogs and coding tutorials each month
  3. We reached 300 followers on Twitter (You should follow us too 😉)
  4. 20 New Videos and 2 New Playlists now live on our YouTube Channel

January Releases

Cards that show the three releases from January.
Pieces Desktop App 1.10.2 & Pieces OS 3.1.1Pieces for VS Code 0.2.0Pieces for JetBrains 4.7.0

Our Visual Studio Code Extension Got Some Love ❤️

Our team completely reimagined the our Visual Studio Code Extension Marketplace page to include comprehensive product information, illuminating graphics, troubleshooting tips, and advice on other useful products in the Pieces for Developers Suite. Head over there to brush up on all things Pieces and get started with Pieces for VS Code.

The Pieces for VS Code Marketplace listing.

We have Take-off 🛫 Check Out Our Power Tips

In addition to the amazing work done on the marketplace page, we launched a new Power Tips Series on our YouTube Channel! There is so much magic packed into our Visual Studio Code Extension and we’re excited to surface some of those amazing features with a playlist of short ~20-30 second videos that quickly level up your productivity with Pieces. This series unpacks the basics, like saving and sharing code, and more advanced capabilities, like capturing and associating indispensable metadata. Give it a look and subscribe to stay in the loop on upcoming series covering our Flagship Desktop App and our JetBrains Plugin. 👀

The Pieces for Developers YouTube channel.

Feature Highlights ⎸ Quality of Life Improvements ✅ in our Flagship Desktop App + An Overhauled Search in our Visual Studio Code Extension 🤯

Preview Before Paste

Copy and paste can lead to errors, especially when you’re working fast. Sometimes you captured an extra line or two, or you still have an old snippet, block of text, image or link copied. With Clipboard Preview, you can now see what is on your clipboard before you paste it into your Pieces Desktop App.

Simply hover over the “Paste” suggested action, and you will see the contents of your clipboard before you commit to creating a snippet.

Preview before Paste in the Desktop app.

Smart Indentation ➡️ A new Suggested Quick Action: (Currently in Beta)

Sometimes when you’re copying a code snippet from a larger source file, the code snippet carries over extra indentation… this can be really annoying when trying to reference or reuse the snippet later on. We dropped in a new suggested quick action which helps you to tidy up this inconsistent indentation in a single click. In case our indent cleanup didn’t get it right, we made it super easy to revert the change.

Using smart indentation in the desktop app.

Upgraded Search Experience in Pieces for VS Code

The Pieces for Developers VS Code Extension already had a powerful search experience, but now you can fine-tune that search to find exactly what you need. With this release, you have the power to choose your search parameters, search display, and the actions that result from searching for a snippet. Check out the release notes for full details.

Adjusting search settings in Pieces for VS Code.

Pieces for JetBrains Support for Image-Based Snippets

One of the most useful features of the Pieces for Developers Suite is extracting code from screenshots, thereby transforming images of code into editable, useful code. Those image-based snippets weren’t super useful in Pieces for JetBrains— until this month.

Now you can view your code screenshots & images right within your JetBrains IDE, and easily copy the code extracted from those images, too.

Using OCR in Pieces for JetBrains.

Content Partners of the Month

Ejiro Thankgod has been writing in-depth React tutorials for our blog since September; his latest article, Create Beautiful Animations by Integrating Particles.js With React, is just as useful and well-thought-out as ever. Check out some of his other tutorials if you’re trying to decide between React and Flutter or build a new CMS.

If you’re interested in improving your front-end skills, Queendarlin Nnamani’s articles about specific topics in User Interface development might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re trying to create a gradient backdrop or learning the ins and outs of CSS flexboxes, her content can help you create an excellent website.

January Was Just a Warm Up… Stay in the know and Get Updates

Logos of various social platforms that Pieces uses.

Our YouTube channel has all of the insights, tips, and helpful information you could need for all of our products. There you’ll find videos to walk you through features our users love and how Pieces for Developers can help speed up your development workflow. Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to receive the latest news, tips, and information about our products.

We release updates 3-4 times a month across all of our products. That’s a lot to keep up with! With each release comes an in-depth release note detailing new features, bug fixes, and product announcements. Stay in-the-know by subscribing to our release notes here.

We post the latest on Pieces for Developers and topics buzzing around the technology community on our socials daily. Follow us for power tips, useful technical content, the occasional funny meme, or just to say “Hi”. We’d love to engage with you!
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