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Pieces Desktop App 1.10.2 and Pieces OS 3.1.1: Workflow Activity - Now with Top-Level Metadata 🔥, Preview Before Paste 🫣 & Snippet Indent Clean-up ➡️

The Pieces team is kicking off the New Year with a bang! Less than one week into 2023, we’re already rolling out releases focused on supercharging developer productivity. To date, we have been hard at work enabling our users to easily save, search, share and reuse Code Snippets and other helpful materials from their developer workflow. As the team moves into Q1 you’ll see us not only refining our top feature set; but further, layering in complimentary workflow experiences that have big benefits to your work-in-progress productivity as a whole.

That said, we’re getting started with two nice quality-of-life enhancements that are especially useful when saving: Suggested Smart Indentation and Preview Before Paste. Beyond that, we’re even more excited about an awesome upgrade to the Workflow Activity View released at the end of last year.

Workflow Activity - Seriously Enhanced Developer Productivity

Picking up where you left off and getting back into flow is one of the hardest elements of being a developer. With that in mind, we’re excited to release a second beta update of the “Workflow Activity” feature which launched at the end of 2022. With this update, Workflow Activity now makes it easier than ever to backtrack through your work in progress journey and access useful metadata associated with your saved snippets.

In addition to providing users insights to how they are using Pieces, Workflow Activity enables users to quickly find and access related links, shared snippets, associated tags, snippet collaborators, and other metadata that is connected to your saved materials.

We are really excited about how this new Workflow Activity View perfectly compliments the default Snippet Gallery View and beyond that, we are even more excited about doubling down on our goal to allow your workflow to resume without friction.

Using the updated Workflow Activity view to find a site that you previously visited.

Not sure what’s on your clipboard? Quickly check with the new Preview Before Paste 🫣

Copy and paste can lead to errors, especially when you’re working fast. Sometimes you captured an extra line or two, or you still have an old snippet, block of text, image or link copied. With Clipboard Preview, you can now see what is on your clipboard before you paste it into your Pieces Desktop App.

Simply hover over the “Paste” suggested action, and you will see the contents of your clipboard before you commit to creating a snippet.

Using preview before paste in the Pieces Desktop App.

Smart Indentation ➡️ A new Suggested Quick Action: (Currently in Beta)

Sometimes when you’re copying a code snippet from a larger source file, the code snippet carries over extra indentation… this can be really annoying when trying to reference or reuse the snippet later on. We dropped in a new suggested quick action which helps you to tidy up this inconsistent indentation in a single click. In case our indent cleanup didn’t get it right, we made it super easy to revert the change.

Automatically fixing indentation issues in the Pieces Desktop App.

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