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These TypeScript snippets range from picking properties from an interface to removing falsy values. We made sure to offer all useful TypeScript code snippets.

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How to pick properties from interface in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, pick

Construct a new type based on partial properties of an interface.

interface MyInterface {
  id: number;
  name: string;
  properties: string[];

type MyShortType = Pick;

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How to use TypeScript to exclude a property from an interface

Tags: typescript, omit

Exclude properties from a given interface with this TypeScript snippet.

interface MyInterface {
  id: number;
  name: string;
  properties: string[];

type MyShortType = Omit;

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How to use TypeScript to get a value of an interface property

Tags: typescript, get value

Get value of an object with an interface using this TypeScript code sample.

interface MyInterface {
  id: number;
  name: string;
  properties: string[];

const myObject: MyInterface = {
  id: 1,
  name: 'foo',
  properties: ['a', 'b', 'c']

function getValue(value: keyof MyInterface) {
  return myObject[value];

getValue('id'); // 1

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How to store a record as a string with interface in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, record

Map a string key to a custom interface in an object.

const myTypedObject: Record = {
  first: {...},
  second: {...},

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How to check if a collection of elements are true in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, every, collection

Returns true if all elements in a collection are true.

const all = (arr: T[], fn: (t: T) => boolean = Boolean) => arr.every(fn);

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How to check if at least one element passes in a function using TypeScript

Tags: typescript, some

Tests whether at least one element in the array passes the test implemented by a provided function.

const some = (arr: T[], fn: (t: T) => boolean = Boolean) => arr.some(fn);

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How to remove falsy values from an array using TypeScript

Tags: typescript, filter, compact

Removes falsy values from an array. See our JavaScript snippets collection for the JS version of this TypeScript code snippet.

const compact = (arr: any[]) => arr.filter(Boolean);

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How to delay async executions using TypeScript

Tags: typescript, async, setTimeout

Turns setTimeout into a promise that can be used asynchronously.

const timeoutPromise: (duration: number) => Promise = (duration: number): Promise => new Promise(resolver => setTimeout(resolver, duration));

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TypeScript function composition

Tags: typescript, composition

Performs left to right function composition.

const compose = (...fns: Func[]) => {
	fns.reduce((f, g) => (...args: any[]) => f(...castArray(g(...args))));

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TypeScript debounce example

Tags: typescript, debounce

Delays invoking a provided function at least since specified milliseconds have elapsed.

const debounce = (fn: Function, ms = 300) => {
	let timeoutId: ReturnType;
  return function (this: any, ...args: any[]) {
    timeoutId = setTimeout(() => fn.apply(this, args), ms);

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How to create a deep clone in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, clone, deep clone

These TypeScript code snippets create a deep clone of an object.

const deepClone = (obj: any) => {
	if (obj === null) return null;
  let clone = { ...obj };

	  (key) =>
      (clone[key] = typeof obj[key] === "object" ? deepClone(obj[key]) : obj[key])
	 return Array.isArray(obj) && obj.length
	   ? (clone.length = obj.length) && Array.from(clone)
	   : Array.isArray(obj)
     ? Array.from(obj)
     : clone;

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How to find the key that meets a condition in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, find key

Returns the first key that meets a condition specified from the passed function.

const findKey = (obj: any, fn: Function) => Object.keys(obj).find((key) => fn(obj[key], key, obj));

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Find intersection of two arrays using TypeScript

Tags: typescript, intersection

Returns a list of elements that exist in both arrays.

const intersection = (a: any[], b: any[]) => {",
  const s = new Set(b);
	return [...new Set(a)].filter((x) => s.has(x));

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How to check if an array is empty in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, is empty

Checks if a value is an empty object, array, or null.

const isEmpty = (val: any) => val == null || !(Object.keys(val) || val.length;

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How to use Async in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, async

Create a promise using Typescript with a void return value.

const fetchData = async (): Promise => {
  // ... 

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How to convert object to array in TypeScript

Tags: typescript, array to object

Turns an Array into an Object.

const arrayToObj = (array: T[]): { [k: string]: T } => {
  const out: { [k: string]: T } = {};
  array.forEach((val) => {
    out[val.id] = val;
  return out;

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