Supercharge Pieces with Browser, Collaboration and IDE Plugins

Use these Pieces integrations inside your favorite tools to enable key AI features like Pieces Copilot, auto-enrichment, and single-click save from any webpage.

Our browser, collaboration, and IDE plugins are deeply integrated into your development tools, adding a personal micro-repository and intelligent copilot that change the way you interact with code snippets.

Supercharge Pieces and improve your developer workflows with browser and IDE plugins integrated with where you code.

IDE Plugins

JetBrains Suite

IntelliJ plugin for simple code snippet management

VS Code

The best VS Code extension for developers


Leverage AI throughout your Python projects

Azure Data Studio

Save, search, enrich, and reuse workflow materials


Auto-save, auto-complete and manage snippets

Coming Soon!


UltraEdit plugin for lightning fast developer workflow

Coming Soon!

Browser Extensions

Google Chrome

Save, share, and access Pieces Copilot in one click


Save, share, and access Pieces Copilot in one click

Microsoft Edge

Save snippets from any webpage in one click


Save, share, and access Pieces Copilot in one click


Save, share, and access Pieces Copilot in one click

Productivity Tools

Microsoft Teams

Share and enrich code with your teammates


Manage and enrich code in your knowledge base

Google Chat

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Version 1.2.4

Save snippets in your terminal

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

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