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With the following useful JavaScript snippets, we collected some popular actions performed in JavaScript ranging from creating a promise, popular lodash functions in native JavaScript, DOM manipulation, etc.

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How to create a promise function in Javascript

Tags: javascript, promise

Create a Javascript promise to handle asynchronous events.

new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
  // asynchronous operation

  // then in case of success
  // or
  reject("failure reason");

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Count number of occurrences in array with JavaScript

Tags: javascript, count

Use this JavaScript snippet to count the occurrences of a value in an array.

const countOccurrences = (arr, val) => arr.reduce((a, v) => (v === val ? a + 1 : a), 0);

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How to use defer in Javascript

Tags: javascript, defer

JavaScript snippet that delays execution of function until the current call stack is cleared.

const defer = (fn, ...args) => setTimeout(fn, 1, ...args);

defer(console.log, 'a'), console.log('b'); // logs 'b' then 'a'

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How to find difference between arrays in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, difference

Finds the difference between two arrays.

const difference = (a, b) => {
  const s = new Set(b);
  return a.filter(x => !s.has(x));

difference([1, 2, 3], [1, 2, 4]); // [3]

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How to remove duplicates from an Array in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, array, set, duplicate

Remove duplicates from an array using a Set.

const unique = [ Set(array)];

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How to find object key in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, object, key

Returns the first key that satisfies a given function.

const findKey = (obj, fn) => Object.keys(obj).find(key => fn(obj[key], key, obj));

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How to flatten an array in Javascript

Tags: javascript, array, flatten

Flattens a deeply nested array up until the specified depth.

const flatten = arr => arr.flat(Infinity);

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JavaScript array Intersection

Tags: javascript, array, common elements

Gets an array with elements that are included in two other arrays.

const intersection = (a, b) => {
  const s = new Set(b);

  return a.filter(x => s.has(x));

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How to get URL path in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, url

Gets the url path for a webpage using javascript.

const newURL = `${window.location.protocol}//${}/${window.location.pathname}${}`

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How to remove HTML tags from strings in JavaScript

Tags: javascript, html

This JavaScript removes html tags from strings.

const strippedString = originalString.replace(/(<([^>]+)>)/gi, "");

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Array to HTML list JavaScript code snippet

Tags: javascript, html

Converts the given array elements into <li> tags and appends them to the list of the given id.

const arrayToHTMLList = (arr, listID) =>
  document.querySelector(`#${listID}`).innerHTML += arr
    .map(item => `
  • ${item}
  • `) .join('');

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    Check if element has a class in JavaScript

    Tags: javascript, class, element

    This Javascript checks whether an element has a class.

    const hasClass = (el, className) => el.classList.contains(className);

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    How to get current time in JavaScript

    Tags: javascript, date, time

    Get the current date and time.

    const date = new Date()
    const currentTime = 

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    Check if JSON is valid using JavaScript

    Tags: javascript, json

    Checks whether a string is valid JSON.

    const isValidJSON = str => {
      try {
      } catch (e) {
        return false;
    	return true;

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    JavaScript delay async function

    Tags: javascript, timeout, async

    Delays the execution of an asynchronous function by putting it into sleep.

    const sleep = ms => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));

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    How to add multiple classes in JavaScript

    Tags: javascript, class

    Adds multiple classes to the selected element.

    element.classList.add("active", "highlighted");

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    How to use Promise.all in JavaScript

    Tags: javascript, promise

    Aggregates results from an array of promises as an input and gets resolved when all the promises get resolved or any of them gets rejected.

    Promise.all([ promise_1, promise_2 ]).then((values) => {
        // all input Promises resolved
    }).catch((reason) => {
        // one of input Promises rejected

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