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Pieces: one of the best IntelliJ plugins and the fastest, smartest micro-repo.

Transform how you code with your personal micro-repo of IntelliJ code snippets

Share IntelliJ Idea code snippets without breaking your coding flow

Share code snippets in Slack or Teams with a simple right-click action using the Pieces plugin for IntelliJ. Your coworkers receive both the snippet and its related metadata - tags, descriptions and more.

Share IntelliJ code snippets with a simple right-click action using the Pieces plugin for IntelliJ.

Auto-save IntelliJ snippets

After you add the plugin to IntelliJ, Pieces helps you auto save frequently used or useful snippets based on your behavior. Since you might not realize you need them later until it’s too late.

Auto-save IntelliJ snippets after you add plugin to IntelliJ. The Pieces IntelliJ auto save feature is based on your behavior, since you might not realize you need them until it's too late.

Access JetBrains snippets in your personal IntelliJ repository

Snippets are auto-classified by language and viewable in your JetBrains TreeView. Click on any snippet to reuse it!

Must have plugins for IntelliJ like Pieces act as your personal IntelliJ repository for useful snippets that can be accessed with intelligent search.

IntelliJ Auto-Complete

Our IntelliJ code completion plugin suggests auto-completions as you type in your IDE, trained on your saved Pieces snippets. Auto-complete in IntelliJ with no size limit!

The IntelliJ code completion plugin helps you auto-complete in IntelliJ, trained on your saved Pieces Snippets.

One of the best IntelliJ plugins for web development, thoughtfully designed by fellow developers

Runs locally on your machine with the option to connect to the Cloud for sharing, backup, sync and more

Fully keyboard shortcut-enabled

Deeply embedded into JetBrains - save, edit, classify, share your snippets entirely from Pieces: the must have plugin for IntelliJ

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