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Get Pieces for VS Code

Transform how you code with your personal micro-repo for code snippets in Visual Studio

Save useful code to your Pieces micro-repo

Templates, terminal commands, useful Visual Studio code snippets… create VS Code bookmarks of the repetitive elements of your code in one-click for later re-use with the best VS Code extension for developers.

Find and re-use just the right snippet when you need it

Blazing fast, powerful search of your Pieces snippets right inside your editor with a personal Visual Studio code repository.

Search for previously used VS Code snippets directly from your personal Visual Studio code repository.

Forget VS Code Auto Save, let Pieces auto-save your useful snippets

Pieces trains on your behavior to auto save VSCode snippets you frequently use. Since you might not realize you need them later until it’s too late.

Our must have extension for VS Code lets you auto save VSCode snippets you frequently use by understanding your behavior - a more sophisticated "VS Code Auto Save" feature.

Share VS Code snippets without breaking your coding flow

Share code snippets in Slack or Teams with a simple right-click action. Your colleagues receive both the snippet and its related context - tags, descriptions and more.

Share VS Code snippets in Slack, Teams or wherever your colleagues are with a simple right-click action.

Auto-complete VS Code snippets from your Pieces repo

Leverage VS Code code completion suggestions from your personal micro-repo. The VS Code auto complete feature supercharges your productivity so you can focus on the next task. No size limit!

One of the best VS Code extensions for web development, thoughtfully designed by fellow developers

Runs locally on your machine with the option to connect to the Cloud for backup, sync and sharing

Fully keyboard shortcut-enabled

Deeply embedded into VS Code - save, edit, classify, share your snippets entirely from Pieces: the must have extension for VS Code

Get Pieces for VS Code

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The best extensions for VS Code keep up with how you actually code. Pieces supports over 31 languages!

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