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VS Code 0.1.8: Snippet editing and snippet imports

Our ultimate goal is to make Pieces as useful and seamless as possible to your life as a developer. That means intelligent features and workflow shortcuts that don’t require more work for you. In this release, we’re launching snippet editing directly in VS Code (no need to open Pieces for Developers), importing your local User Snippets all at once and more. Cheers to keeping you in your flow!

Import your user snippets to Pieces

This is our first feature that allows you to import existing snippets, but definitely not our last! If you have snippets saved locally in VS Code’s User Snippets, now you can import them to Pieces. Simply open the Pieces settings (Code > Preferences > Settings > Pieces) and click “Add User Snippets to Pieces.” All of your snippets will be instantly ready for use.

Importing User Snippets to Pieces for VS Code.

Edit your snippets in VS Code

We recently launched one of our most-requested features: the ability to edit your snippets in Pieces for Developers. Today, you can edit your snippets without leaving VS Code — no need to open Pieces for Developers at all!

To edit, right click the snippet and select “Edit.” Once you’ve finished editing, save the file, and your updated snippet is ready to go.

New options in tree view

All of your snippets are categorized by language in the tree view. This update allows you to choose if you’d like to see the title, the description or a preview of the snippet in your tree.

The new options in the VS Code Tree view: Title, Description, or Preview.

Toggle Auto-Save on/off

In our last release, we launched auto-save, where the Pieces AI Assistant intelligently saves snippets on your behalf based on your workflow. In this release, we’ve included the ability to toggle auto-save on and off in your Pieces settings in VS Code.

Updated onboarding

We’ve updated our onboarding experience so that new users can more easily install Pieces, save their first piece and learn about useful features.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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