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Temporally Grounded Pieces Copilot now Available for Early Access: Pieces for Developers 2.11.1 & Pieces OS 9.0.0

We're thrilled to unveil our latest initiative: the launch of our Early Access Program! Our first Early Access users are helping us to test and improve the world’s first Temporally Grounded Copilot, coming soon to all users. We couldn't be more excited to embark on this journey together, as we strive to elevate the user experience and empower our community to be at the forefront of technological advancement.

This release also includes the official upgrade of our Captured Context View to Beta status, improved Anchors handling, and a number of enhancements and performance improvements.

Introducing the Pieces Early Access Program

Join the Early Access Program!

Today, members of our Early Access Program have access to the world’s first temporally grounded workstream copilot. We’re thrilled to bring the next phase of Pieces for Developers to fruition!

If you want to get access to new features before they are released to the public, you can join the brand-new Pieces Early Access Program. Not only will you get access to exclusive features before everyone else, you’ll help us shape the future of Developer Productivity.

View relevant files for Copilot Chat Messages

Your Pieces Copilot just got a whole lot smarter when leveraging local files and folders as context! Now, in addition to referencing these local resources throughout the generative process (i.e. enabling code generation aligned with your style and language), the Pieces Copilot will also surface which files specifically are related to its responses.

Captured Context View, now in Beta

Thanks to feedback and continued improvements, our recently released Captured Context View has been upgraded to Beta status! Leverage this view to search and interact with all of your Workstream Context including related links, file & folder anchors, related collaborator profiles, tags and more.

Better Anchor Handling Across Multiple Operating Systems

Anchors represent a file or folder on one of your machines that's related to either a Saved Material or a Copilot Conversation. Each Anchor can have multiple Anchor Points if that path also exists (either identically or similarly) on another one of your machines.

This update brings a wave of better support for Anchors when using multiple operating systems, so your materials and copilot conversations can be correctly traced to files and folders on macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Enhancements, Bug Fixes, and Performance Improvements

As always, this update also brings a wave of enhancements and fixes to improve navigation, boost performance, and reinforce stability. Notably, you can now cancel an in-progress Pieces back up or restoration by hitting the “Stop” button in the Backup & Restore tray.

User Support

If you need help, check out our Github repo where you can create issues to get assistance from us and other users, as well as join in on discussions to request features, show off something you’ve done lately with Pieces, and generally engage with us and the rest of the Pieces community.

As always, you can reach out to us for individual assistance by filling out this quick form. Don’t forget to check out our extensive documentation as well!

Pieces ❤️ Open Source

Did you know Pieces has recently broken into the Open Source community? We recently launched support for our TypeScript SDK on NPM where developers around the world have started to build on top of the Pieces Platform and get familiar with our APIs.

With our SDKs, you can build your own apps, extend Pieces functionality, and so much more. Check out our GitHub to learn more about our Open Source initiatives and how you can start contributing today!

Join our Discord Server 🎉

Do you love Pieces? Stop sending us carrier pigeons 🐦 and join our Discord Server to chat with our team, other power users, get support, and more. 🤝

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