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UX/UI Updates


Pieces Web Extensions 2.4.0: Improved popover menu, single-click disable for page & auto-refresh 🔄

We’re happy to release an update for our beloved Pieces Chrome Extension. With this release, we’re emphasizing a smooth user experience across any site, for any user. This update includes updates to the extension popover menu, a simple toggle to enable/disable the Pieces extension on your currently open tab and a helpful user experience upgrade with automatic refresh when updating settings.

Improved popover menu

Over the coming weeks, you will see the popover menu evolve to be more proactive and helpful as you browse snippets across the web. The updated UI in this release marks the first in a series of updates yet to come.

The improved popover menu in the Pieces Web Extension.

As a reminder, the popover lets users customize their Pieces Extension by:

1. Choosing whether our buttons appear top left, top right, bottom left (default), or bottom right around code blocks

2. Setting the functionality of the main button to:

  • Copy and save in one click
  • Just copy
  • Just save

3. Adjusting the button theme so that the buttons are compatible with both light and dark webpages

4. Changing the minimum number of characters for Pieces-enabled code blocks

5. Managing your list of websites for which you have the extension turned off

Toggle the plugin on or off for your current page

We know there are going to be websites where the Pieces Chrome Extension might not be perfect. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to turn the plugin off for broken pages.

Now, you’ll notice a simple toggle in the popover to disable the extension for your currently active tab.

The toggle to turn off the Pieces extension for your current page.


When changing settings in the past, you were forced to refresh your webpage to see changes. Now, this will happen automatically when you adjust any setting.

A page auto-refreshing after an adjustment is made in the web extension settings.

Support for other browsers

We want to make sure users can use our web extension across any browser. This version of the extension supports any Chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Brave.

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