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Enable/Disable Pieces Buttons by Default: Pieces Web Extension 2.6.0

Thanks to feedback from our users, we’re adjusting how the Web Extension works a little bit. Sometimes, you don’t want Pieces buttons to show up for every single block of code on the web, so we’re making it easier to customize your experience.

You can now choose to either Enable or Disable the buttons on all sites by default. (Note: New users will have the Pieces buttons automatically enabled.) To make this switch, head to the Web Extension settings.

The setting to Disable Pieces buttons by default.

If you have buttons automatically enabled, you can easily disable the Pieces buttons on specific sites in the extension settings— same with enabling the buttons on specific sites if you disable the buttons by default.

The setting to enable Pieces buttons for a specific webpage.

We’ve also enhanced how the buttons appear on several sites to make the experience smoother for all developers. If you spot a site where the Pieces buttons aren’t working correctly, please let us know!

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