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New Features

UX/UI Updates

Bug Fixes

Pieces Release 1.4 - VS Code and UltraEdit integrations!

Pieces OS

For newer users, Pieces OS is the background service that enables Pieces to work locally and handles communications with any integrations you install, among many other tasks.

  • Support for automatically launching Pieces OS on machine boot-up
  • Pieces database file moved to a non-temp location
  • New redirect pages for successful sign-in & sign-out

Pieces for Developers

For newer users, Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application.

Saving Pieces

  • Users now receive an in-app message when creating a piece to reclassify the code if the classification prediction confidence is low

Viewing and Managing Your Pieces

  • Users can now zoom in/out with [CMD +] or [CMD -]
  • Users can now right-click anywhere to open the quick menu
  • Users can now triple-click to select all code in the preview
  • Renaming repopulates previous name if user edits the name and closes without saving
  • Improved support for long piece names
  • Improved navigation between drawers - click [esc] to navigate back to Quick Menu from submenus (rename, description, reclassify, delete)
  • Users can now see where a piece was saved from (its "origin") in the Quick Menu
  • Users can now click to the left and right of menus to exit/collapse


  • Users can now search by description
  • Bug fixes to search string highlighting

Pieces Integrations

For newer users, you can install integrations here that enable in-app saving and retrieving of Pieces inside your favorite code editors and Chrome.


  • Pieces for UltraEdit now in beta in partnership with our friends at UltraEdit
  • Save code directly from within UltraEdit
  • View your pieces directly within UltraEdit
  • Much more coming soon

VS Code

  • Released Pieces for VS Code
  • VS Code users can now save pieces from within VS Code using the right-click context menu or the [shift + cmd + v] keyboard shortcut (ctrl on windows)

Pieces API

  • Released a Connector API that will significantly improve developer experience when building integrations on Pieces OS
  • Infrastructure completed for upcoming Atom integration
  • Initial groundwork created for '<application>/suggestion' API endpoint
  • Initial groundwork created for '<application>/reaction' API endpoint

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