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UX/UI Updates

Pieces Release 1.4.5 - Drag & Drop on MacOS, Suggest a Language, and more!

Pieces OS

For newer users, Pieces OS is the background service that enables Pieces to work locally and handles communications with any integrations you install.

  • Support for automatically launching Pieces OS on machine boot-up on Windows

Pieces for Developers

For newer users, Pieces for Developers is the core user-facing Pieces application.

Adding Pieces

  • MacOS users can now drag and drop code files into Pieces to create a snippet
  • Users can now dismiss the reclassify/rename prompt by clicking ‘Dismiss’

Viewing and Managing Pieces

  • Users can now suggest a language if they cannot find what they're looking for in the Reclassification Menu
  • Users can visually see scrollbars while scrolling code
  • Users can scroll the editor using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows on the keyboard
  • Improved code editor support and syntax highlighting

Finding Pieces

  • Search string highlight matches are now background-highlighted for improved readability
  • Users can now click 'Esc' to re-focus their search after unfocusing

Installing & Configuring Pieces

  • Users can check for updates inside of the settings menu
  • Users can see their app information inside of the settings menu
  • Improved shortcuts and new shortcut for Checking for Updates [CMD+U]
  • Users can navigate the onboarding experience using forward and back buttons
  • Users can now request support if they receive a ‘Disconnected’ message and Pieces displays an error

Pieces API

For newer users, you can install integrations here that enable in-app saving and retrieving of Pieces inside your favorite code editors and Chrome.

  • Expanded data model to support additional media types such as images / screenshots
  • Expanded the 'preview' property on the Asset model to now support additional formats
  • Updated SearchedAsset model with a new required property that will give more insight into why the returned asset is a match and what type of match: Fuzzy, Content, Title, Description, Multiple (for multiple matches)
  • Deprecation of integration-specific routes

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