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Bug Fixes

UX/UI Updates

Enhanced Snippet List, Snippet Preview, Bug Fixes, and More: Pieces for JetBrains 5.2.0

Everything we build is to make a developer’s workflow simpler and less time-consuming. To further that goal, this release of Pieces for JetBrains contains several quality of life improvements to ease your experience and make saving, sharing, and reusing your code simpler.

The Snippet List

Pieces for JetBrains will now auto-expand your snippet list to reflect the file where you’re working. This makes it way easier to quickly locate the snippet you need in the snippet list.

The Related Materials list is similarly improved to better suit your scope— when you request a Related Material from Pieces, it will return project-specific suggestions.

Snippet Preview

If you’ve generated a Pieces shareable link for a snippet, you can now see that link in the Markdown Preview. It’s super simple to locate and share the link again, without re-generating!

A snippet preview with a shareable link.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes a number of bug fixes, in particular:

  • Pieces Insights no longer moves your caret when inserting a comment
  • Pieces Insights no longer misplaces comments when you click away while fetching Insights
  • The Pieces Insights panel now refreshes on every open project window instead of only on the most recently opened project window
  • An improper delete key shortcut assignment on Pieces Insights list has been fixed
  • We’ve standardized the snippet lists in multiple project windows

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