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Bug Fixes

New Features

Discover Related Materials in Pieces 🧩: Pieces for JetBrains 5.1.0

Your time is seriously valuable! So, we've added the Find Related Materials function to the Pieces for JetBrains Plugin. This feature is designed to help developers streamline their search process for code snippets and other materials. By selecting a piece of code in your editor and using "Find Related Materials," you can easily search through your saved snippets, making it even easier to reference, reuse, and share on the fly.

Related Materials

If you have more than one snippet, you can ask Pieces for Developers to recommend Related Materials with a simple right click. Just right-click on the snippet preview and select “Find Related Materials in Pieces.” Your Related Materials will appear in a new tab in the Pieces List view called, “Related Materials to Current Selection.”

The context menu option to find related materials in Pieces.

From there, just insert the snippet you need and you’re good to go!

Close all Snippets with One Click

Do you ever preview a bunch of snippets at one time? This new feature is for you. When you right click in your editor and select “Close all snippets,” all of the snippet preview tabs will close except for the one you have in focus. Save time closing irrelevant tabs!

The context menu option to close all snippets.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

This release also includes a few bug fixes and small UI updates, including a more intuitive Settings menu and a bug with launching Pieces OS for Linux users.

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