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Pieces for VS Code 0.3.0: Reactive Snippet Preview & UX Enhancements

One way to make big changes is to aggregate a bunch of small improvements. While we’re definitely working on huge new features, today we’re making a big impact on the way you use Pieces for VS Code by shipping a Reactive Snippet Preview, a bunch of bug fixes, and user experience improvements that will help you further customize your metadata and streamline how you work.

Upgraded Markdown Preview

When you preview a snippet, it pops up as a Markdown preview in a new window. That preview is now reactive! When you right-click your snippet in tree view, you can add links or tags. Then, once you hit enter, the preview automatically updates.

The reactive markdown preview in Pieces for VS Code.

You can add more than one tag or link at a time by adding a comma between values. Plus, shareable links are now viewable in a snippet’s Markdown preview.

Shareable links in the VS Code Markdown preview.

Bug Fixes and User Experience Improvements

  • Previously, you may have gotten a series of “Failed to Connect to Pieces OS” messages when you added metadata to a snippet— Now, you’ll get one notification instead.
  • If you try to generate a shareable link but you’re not signed in or connected to the cloud, now you’ll see a “Sign in” button with the error message.
  • We’ve added a 3-second timeout on success messages when you add metadata.
  • The onboarding flow now pops up in a window in VS Code instead of redirecting to the web to reduce the disruption to your day.
  • The plugin icon is now a puzzle piece.

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