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Pieces for VS Code 0.1.20: OCR just got an upgrade ✅ Preview & Edit Code from Screenshots in VS Code

Pieces OCR has been extracting code from screenshots for over a year— but that was mostly in the Pieces desktop app. With this release, our OCR is becoming way more useful directly in VS Code!

Preview Images & Their Extracted Code/Text in VS Code

Historically, you’ve been able to preview an image snippet in VS Code, but that’s about it. With this release, you’ll see the image and the code that’s been extracted from it when you preview an image! This makes it way easier to add useful code directly into your IDE.

An OCRed snippet in Pieces for VS Code.

Edit Extracted Code/Text from Images in VS Code

Sometimes screenshots don’t include everything you’d like— or there’s an error in the code you saved. Once you’ve extracted the code from a screenshot, you can edit that code from within VS Code, making it far more useful to add to your projects again and again.

Editing extracted code in Pieces for VS Code.

Bug Fixes

When clicking the "Relaunch Pieces OS" notification an invalid URL error occurred— This has been fixed.

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