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Pieces for VS Code 0.1.4: Code Auto-Complete is Live!

It’s been a big week at Pieces as we’re now a Top Trending plugin in the Visual Studio Marketplace. We’ve been overwhelmed by how engaged and active our VS Code community is — keep it coming!

Today marks the release of Code Auto-Complete from your personal Pieces snippets as you type in VS Code. This is a major milestone on our journey to build the smartest, fastest, AI-powered code snippet tool for developers.

Together with the new ability to reclassify your snippets right inside VS Code, these new features are part of our mission to be helpful to you while keeping you in your workflow.

Read on for more details...

Code Auto-Complete

It’s finally here! Pieces will now intelligently suggest code-completions from your own personal Pieces snippet repository as you type. To accept, just hit enter!

Auto-complete in Pieces for VS Code.

Pieces Auto-Complete is the first developer tool to power code-completion suggestions from your own personal snippet library, as opposed to public repos. We think there’s value in both, and Pieces Auto-Complete can happily live alongside any other public repo-powered code completion tool.

But over time, we think you’ll find it far more useful to see suggestions that are based on YOUR most useful or frequently used snippets, with YOUR formatting and syntax highlighting.

Give it a try and share your feedback on Twitter or via!

Code Reclassify

As our users know, Pieces auto-detects and classifies your snippets by language using machine learning.

When we don’t get the classification right, users have always been able to manually reclassify in the Pieces desktop app.

Today, we’ve made that manual reclassification a lot more convenient by enabling changes right inside VS Code.

Just right-click and hit “reclassify”— no need to open the Pieces app!

Reclassifying a snippet in Pieces for VS Code.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

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