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Bug Fixes

Pieces for VS Code 0.1.2 - Improved Onboarding, Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Today’s release includes an overhauled onboarding process and a number of bug fixes to our VS Code plugin. Our user community (you!) has been increasingly active and sharing bugs and feature requests— thank you! Keep them coming!

We have some MAJOR releases in the next month, with a little teaser below on Code Auto-Complete.

Improved VS Code Onboarding

One thing we’ve noticed is that many new users go straight to the VS Code (or Jetbrains) plugins on our site or in the VS Code marketplace and install the plugin without Pieces OS installed.

Our updated onboarding process addresses this issue with better messaging:

The updated VS Code onboarding page.

We’re also working on more automated technical solutions to check for required components when you install the VS Code plugin.

Deleting a Piece

Sometimes, you save a snippet, and — whoops! You missed a line, captured too much or captured too little. We’ve upgraded our delete feature so that now you can delete a snippet in VS Code and it will automatically be deleted from your Pieces repository, too. No need to open the Pieces desktop app to clean up your repo!

Deleting a snippet from VS Code.

Another key feature on the horizon: editing your piece. So instead of deleting the whole piece, you can just edit a character or two and resave.

Bug Fixes

This release is also chock-full of bug fixes to make sure that your saved snippets are instantly ready for re-use, Pieces for VS Code is running smoothly with Pieces OS and more.

Coming soon! Auto-complete in VS Code

Soon, Pieces will suggest code completions directly in VS Code from your saved snippets in Pieces. Completions aren’t made from public repos like other auto-complete tools — Pieces auto-completes from YOUR private Pieces repo. Your code never leaves your machine. To be notified about when this feature launches, email us at


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

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