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Pieces for VS Code 0.1.16: Viewing snippets just got a whole lot better 😎 + JSON, TOML and YAML list-view support ✅

One of the hands-down most game-changing features of Pieces is our auto-magical code enrichment. While you’ve always been able to view and utilize the tags, descriptions, titles, related links, related people (and more!) that are automatically added to your snippets from the Pieces desktop app, with today’s release, you can take full advantage of snippet enrichment directly inside VS Code.

When viewing a snippet in VS Code, you’ll see the snippet and its context in a markdown preview.

The markdown snippet preview in Pieces for VS Code.

By right-clicking the snippet in the tree view, you can add tags or links and reclassify, rename or edit your snippets.

This release brings us one step closer to using the full power of Pieces inside your IDE. No need for a separate app!

Language Support

We’re also rolling out support for JSON, TOML and YAML in Pieces for VS Code. Pieces OS and the Pieces desktop app already supported these languages— now, your snippets will be correctly classified in the VS Code Extension.

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