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Pieces for VS Code 0.0.8 - Moving your snippets closer to your workflow

We’re excited to launch a major release for Pieces for VS Code today.

One of our product principles has always been to keep developers in their flow, and today’s release is a big step forward where developers can see their saved snippets directly inside VS Code in a new Tree View.

Check out all the updates below, and look for the little sneak peak of what’s in our next big VS Code release - auto-complete!

Visual Studio Code Extension

Get the Pieces VSCode Extension.

Saving Snippets

  • In addition to right-clicking or using keyboard shortcuts to save a snippet, users can now run the “Save to Pieces” command prompt.

Viewing Snippets inside VS Code

  • View your saved snippets inside VS Code via a Tree View in the sidebar! (You can always toggle to Pieces app for a more robust, dedicated snippet viewing and managing experience.)
  • To preview the contents of a snippet, simply hover your cursor over the name of the snippet.
  • Snippets in the VS Code Tree View are auto-organized by language
  • Refresh the list of snippets in the Tree View by clicking on the “Refresh” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Tree View.

Re-Using Snippets

  • To insert a saved snippet, click on the desired snippet in the Tree View and it will be inserted into your cursor location in your editor

Coming Soon: Auto-Complete Code in VS Code

  • Pieces will suggest code completions right in VS Code from your saved snippets in Pieces. Not from public repos like other auto-complete tools - Pieces auto-completes from YOUR private Pieces repo. Your code never leaves your machine.

Get Started with Pieces!

As a reminder, make sure you have Pieces OS installed and running to use Pieces for VS Code. Pieces OS is the background service that enables Pieces to run locally.

Download Pieces OS for Mac, Windows, or Linux.

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