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Pieces for JetBrains 4.6.2: Try before you… restart ?! Frictionless Install 😌 A Smaller Plugin 📦 Fewer Bugs 🐛

Just in time for the New Year! Exciting, workflow improving update to Pieces for JetBrains 👀

Now you can install our JetBrains extension without restarting your IDE! This is a major workflow improvement for both new and existing users. This allows you to update from one version to the next without shutting down your open projects or breaking your flow.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think! And, keep an eye out for huge new features and workflow improvements in 2023.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

This release includes some big startup time performance improvements that lead to faster response times on project loads. We also crushed a bug that required you to refresh your list view a few times before a recently saved snippet would appear inside of Pieces for JetBrains.

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Support & Feedback

As always, if you run into issues or have feedback for the team, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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