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Pieces for JetBrains 4.6.0: Snippet Context from Git ✨ Related Pull Request & Origin Branch Links 🔗, Collaborator Profiles 👽, and Relevant Commit Messages 📝

We launched Git Context to the Pieces for VS Code application last week, and we’re excited to fast-track the release of the same functionality in Pieces for JetBrains.

With this release, any snippet you create in JetBrains is automatically enriched with its relevant Git history, including collaborator profiles, commit messages and related Pull Request & branch links in addition to all the usual goodness that Pieces adds, like smart descriptions, language labels, tags, related links and more. Read on for details!

Automatically Associated Git Context

When you save a snippet that was part of your GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab repository, Pieces for JetBrains now automatically captures the most relevant commit messages, links related to the source file, tags based on the snippet’s context and information on who has previously worked on that file.

This is great when you want to take a look at where your snippet is referenced in a Pull Request or remote branch. It also enables you to search your snippets via Collaborator Profiles, making it easier than ever to know who to reach out to or add to a Pull Request.

The new Git Context is easy to review and adjust when you select some code in a JetBrains IDE and select “Save to Pieces As…” in the right-click menu. Of course, this context is captured in the usual “Save to Pieces” and “Share via Pieces Link…” functions as well.

Saving a snippet from JetBrains via the right-click context menu.

You’ll note below that you can see related BitBucket links and a related email showing that Mark is a collaborator on the saved snippet.

You can also see that the we’ve also added the tag “bitbucket: isomorphic_classification_server” as this snippet is related to that BitBucket project.

The Save to Pieces window with Git context.

Lastly, when you preview the snippet in your JetBrains IDE, you’ll see all of the context right there in the .md overview.

A snippet markdown preview with Git context.

All of this is configurable in the Pieces Settings in JetBrains:

The Pieces for JetBrains settings.

Plus, the context is fully editable, entirely on-device, searchable and shareable. We’re really excited for our JetBrains users to try it out!

Bug Fixes

When pasting long links, the “Save to Pieces As” dialogue might have been resized improperly. This has been fixed.

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