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New Features

Pieces for JetBrains 4.3.0 - Manage snippets from JetBrains

This week’s JetBrains Suite release is deeply focused on improving usability, including a new tree view, drag and drop, snippet sharing and more.

Tree view

Now, you can view a list of your saved snippets in a tree inside your editor. Snippets are grouped by language and listed according to the snippet’s name.

The new tree view in Pieces for JetBrains.

Being able to easily view and scan your snippets also enables a bunch of other really cool features, such as…

Drag and drop snippets

Drag a snippet from the tree view and drop it exactly where you want it. No more right-clicks, copying and pasting or searching the Pieces desktop app for a specific snippet— just locate the snippet in the tree and drag it into your editor.

Dragging a snippet from the tree view into your code.

Manage snippets right inside the JetBrains suite

We’ve also brought more useful functions from the Pieces desktop app directly into the JetBrains plugin. You can now share, rename, reclassify, delete and edit the descriptions of your snippets without leaving your editor.

Additional functions available in Pieces for JetBrains.

To perform any of these actions, highlight some code in your editor or right-click a piece in tree view and select an action. Or, try one of the keyboard shortcuts below:

The keyboard shortcuts for Pieces for JetBrains.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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