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Pieces for Developers Desktop App 1.10.3 and Pieces OS 3.2.0: 10X Enrichment with GPT-3 🤯, Workflow Reference Events, and a 4X Performance Boost ⚡️

We're super excited to announce the release of Pieces for Developers Desktop App 1.10.3 and Pieces OS 3.2.0. This release brings an exciting integration with OpenAI’s GPT-3 to boost all of the auto-generated context metadata for your materials. Further, Workflow Activity is now more helpful when backtracking through your workflow, thanks to the introduction of Reference activities, a clearer UI, and improved loading performance. This release also includes a major boost to performance throughout the app, most notably 75% faster boot-up & search times!

10x Enrichment: Pieces for Developers + GPT = 🤯

We’ve been enriching your materials in Pieces for Developers with smart descriptions, related links, and tags for months, but they’re about to get a whole lot better. In this release, we’ve integrated with OpenAI’s GPT-3 model to supercharge all of the auto-generated context metadata for your materials.

The GPT-3 Integration instantly brings improved related links, tags, and smart descriptions to all of your materials. Plus, now each material will feature suggested searches, which can be used to easily find and access that material later on. The upgraded related links enrichment now automatically associates videos, tutorials, documents, open-source packages, SDKs, and more. Check it out in the information view within the Pieces for Developers Desktop App!

Viewing the GPT-3-enriched metadata in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App.

All of your newly created snippets will receive these enhanced descriptions and titles— your existing snippets will, too! Check your snippets after updating for metadata that’s even more useful.

Note: GPT-3 data may take a few seconds to process; updates will load in automatically when complete.

Workflow Activity: New Material Reference Events

You will now see new "Reference" activity events when browsing Workflow Activity. As you browse and search Pieces for Developers, we'll log an activity event for the materials you reference as well as any search queries you used to get there. Enter a search query to give it a try!

Using Workflow Activity in the Pieces desktop app.

Those recently referenced materials and queries will always be at the top of the Workflow Activity view for you to easily access or backtrack later on.

Viewing Reference events in the Pieces for Developers desktop app.

75% Faster Load Times and Improved Stability

This release features significant performance improvements, including 75% faster load & boot-up times and improved stability. Expect a smoother and more efficient experience when using Pieces for Developers products.

Bar graph showing that Pieces OS 3.2.0 is 4x faster than Pieces OS 3.1.1.

General Bug Fixes & Enhancements

This release includes fixes for a number of pesky bugs, including reducing the time it takes to claim your personal domain and the time it takes to run Snippet Discovery on your files. There are also a few Activity View-specific improvements, including batch loading of activity events, Activity View refresh, and consolidated UI for Related Links.

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