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UX/UI Updates

Pieces for Developers™ Desktop App 1.10.0: Introducing Workflow Activity, Suggested Snippets & a 10x Speed Boost. Happy Holidays 🎁

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we released the ability to extract code from screenshots in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App. Over the past 14 releases, we’ve dropped workflow-revolutionizing features, including Snippet Discovery, Shareable Links, Collections, and more. Today, we’re proud to announce several significant steps towards realizing our vision for Pieces: Workflow Activity View, Suggested Snippets, Dramatically improved performance and support for Linux Operating Systems. 🥳

Pieces for Developers Desktop App

Workflow Activity view now in beta

Pick up where you left off faster than ever ⚡️ Workflow Activity view is now in beta! From the desktop app, you can view a chronological timeline of when you create, delete, share, and manage context for your snippets. Stay tuned for more to start populating into the feed from around your workflow.

Workflow Activity in the Pieces desktop app.

Check out snippets you’ve created, shared, reclassified, edited and more by clicking the ‘Workflow Activity’ button to the left of the search bar or by tapping CMD/CTRL+Shift+A.

Create a snippet from scratch

This has been on our list for a long time. You’ve always been able to create a snippet in the desktop app by pasting copied code into the window, but now you can type directly into the desktop app to create a snippet!

Simply click the ‘Add’ button (or CMD/CTRL+N) above the carousel and start typing! You can also paste copied code or text into this window, if you’d like.

Typing a snippet in the Pieces for Developers Desktop app.

Suggested Snippets View

You're now able to sort your Carousel View by Suggestions & Relevance based on recently saved Pieces. We want users to be able to reference, share, and reuse the right snippets at the right time. We're only getting started. Look for the "Sort" buttons to give it a try!

Toggling to Suggested Snippets View in the desktop app.

Our UI is getting smarter!

Move through the Pieces UI faster with our new Suggested Actions 🧠 This is the first of many actions that we think will help you get the most out of Pieces for Developers.

Using suggested actions in Pieces for Developers.

Lightning-fast performance

With each update we strive to make Pieces faster and faster ⚡ You'll notice significant performance improvements when creating, updating, and deleting your Pieces.

Bug fixes & general improvements

This release also includes general improvements and bug fixes. If you ever notice a bug or have a feature you’d like to request, let us know! We want Pieces to work seamlessly for you.

Pieces OS 3.1.0 🚀

Pieces OS powers the entire Pieces for Developers Suite— and it gets better every day. This release includes exciting new features and a number of helpful upgrades to existing ones.

Export an asset as Markdown

App developers can now generate Markdown previews of assets by calling a simple endpoint. You’ll see this endpoint in action in the Pieces for Developers VS Code and JetBrains plugins.

Export an asset as HTML

Among the updates to exporting an asset as HTML is the ability to apply inline CSS to exported HTML assets. This is important for our next sharing upgrade— sharing snippets in an email (coming soon!).

Populate an asset with metadata before it’s created

Interested in knowing the metadata attached to a snippet before you save it to Pieces? The latest version of Pieces OS introduces a new endpoint that will enable app developers to populate an asset with metadata before it’s officially created.

Mega Performance Improvements

Faster boot up, faster asset snapshots, updates to the code similarity algorithm and updates to Snippet Discovery— we’re working to make Pieces faster and more reliable with each and every update.

Pieces Suite now available for Linux

The Pieces Suite is now compatible with Linux! We released it to Alpha testers a while ago, and now the Beta version is available for download.

Our team has been working toward a Linux release for a long time. We’re thrilled to bring all of Pieces’ functionality to Linux users 🎉

Join our Beta Testing Program

Do you want to try the newest features of Pieces before they’re released? Do you want to make a difference in Pieces’ development? Sign up for our Beta Testing Program!

Support & Feedback

As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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