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Pieces for Developers 1.9.2: Are you seeing double? ✌️

Create a new snippet from an existing one. Duplicate. Edit. Save. 😎

Hope everyone is excited to try out our new snippet duplication feature! As developers, we often copy and paste code and then make edits in-line. But it’s helpful to have the original version in case you need it later.

With snippet duplication, you can press ⌘+D or open the quick menu and select “Duplicate Snippet” when looking at a code snippet in your Pieces for Developers window, and it will duplicate that snippet so you have a new version that you can work on.

Check it out in action here:

Duplicating a snippet in the Pieces desktop app.

Auto-Update Sharable Links 🔗

With today’s release, shareable links will update on their own without having to do “update link” manually. Changed the title? Updated. Created a custom domain so your links have your name in them? Updated and your links now look polished without having to manually update every shared snippet you sent in the past.

The best part is when you change data that is on a shareable link inside of the code snippet itself, that will update too. So anyone who uses a link that was created in the past can stay up to date with any changes made to a snippet in the future.

To enable auto-updating, first create a shareable link, then change data to get the notification. Here is an example of what that popup looks like:

A prompt to update an edited shareable link.

If you click “Don’t ask me again” - Pieces will auto-update in the background whenever your snippet changes.

Bugs, anyone? 🐛

More bugs squashed, which means a smoother experience for you as these new features come out.

Some of you reported issues with opening shared snippets in the browser, so we upgraded a lot of small things around the sharing experience. Some other small patches include the following:

  • Updates to issues with flashing screens during onboarding
  • Improvements to the shareable link logic for smoother transitions from the browser into Pieces
  • More clickable area added to the “suggested tag” section of the tags menu

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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