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New Features

UX/UI Updates

Dropping in Even More AI 🤖 Transformations, Describe to Generate, and WAY More: Pieces for Developers 1.13.0 and Pieces OS 4.2.1

Did you catch the live stream of our CEO, Tsavo, talking about Pieces with GitHub’s Rizel Scarlett? If so, you got a sneak preview of the incredibly innovative new features in this release. We’re taking a huge leap forward with our code-specific AI that is designed with developers in mind. Check out AI Snippet Transformations, generating a snippet from a natural language description, discovering related snippets with generative AI, and WAY more.

Describe a Snippet

We're excited to introduce a brand new way to create a code snippet in Pieces for Developers! Starting today, you can describe a snippet in natural language, and Pieces will generate it for you. 🤯

Simply select the programming language you want or a suggested descriptor, and let Pieces do the work for you. Sit back and relax while it creates the code you need.

Adding a snippet based on its description.

AI Snippet Transformations

We are excited to introduce four new AI Snippet Transformations! With these transformations, you can save even more time while coding. They can convert languages, improve code readability and performance, and create boilerplate templates.

These Transformations are currently in Beta—  please share any feedback so that we can continue to make them more useful!


With our new feature, you can transform a code snippet into a boilerplate template in seconds, complete with any notes as code comments! This makes it extremely easy to make your code even more reusable.

Creating boilerplate code in Pieces for Developers.

Improve Readability

Learning a new programming language? With just two clicks, you can edit your code snippets to be more human-readable. This makes it much easier to understand how a code snippet works, and is useful for developers of all experience levels.

Creating a more readable snippet in Pieces for Developers.

Improve Performance

Pieces can now re-write a code snippet in its current language to be more performant. This means better code in less time! It's a huge time-saver for you.

Creating a more performant snippet in Pieces for Developers.

Convert Language

Now you can convert any code snippet to a new language supported by Pieces, without any manual rewriting! This feature is incredibly useful if you work on multiple projects that use different programming languages, or if you find a solution to a problem in a language that's different from what you're looking for.

Converting a snippet from TypeScript to JavaScript.

After converting a code snippet, you can save it as an update to your existing snippet, or discard the changes.

We've also improved the Snippet Editing experience by moving the Edit icons to the Action Toolbar and allowing you to exit editing by clicking outside of the edit window.

Discover Related Snippets

One more incredibly exciting Beta feature: Discover Related Snippets. You can now discover related code snippets to the snippet you're currently focused on.

Using advanced AI, we generate these snippets based on the tags, links, and descriptions of existing snippets. Please note that this feature is not available for Images.

Discovering related snippets to your current snippet.

While we continue to improve the prompts, we recognize that results may be mixed at times. We're committed to making this feature as helpful as possible, and we're excited for you to try it out!

Workflow Activity Updates

We’ve added two highly-requested features to your Workflow Activity view: search and filtering.

With our powerful search functionality, you can easily find specific events by searching for tags, links, asset names, descriptions, people, or sensitive information. You can toggle and clear your search results with ease, and when you exit and reenter Workflow Activity, you’ll always return to see all events.

Filtering Workflow Activity to show only certain types of events.

In addition, filtering Workflow Activity allows you to view your events by Creations, Updates, Deletes, or References. You can quickly switch between these filters and see only the events you’re looking for.

By providing both search and filtering options, we're confident that you'll be able to find the events you need faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Global Search Updates

We’ve upgraded our Global Search Cards with an enhanced “Origin Website” feature, which gives you easier access to the source URL. This feature is currently available for websites added via our Web Extensions.

With this new feature, you can quickly and easily access the source URL for any relevant item, making it easier than ever to track down important information.

The origin website highlighted in the global search view.

Pieces OS

In our most recent release, Pieces OS upgraded our tagging model, introduced the ability to generate titles completely offline, and added discovery in three additional languages. Pieces OS powers everything that the Pieces Suite can do; there are more capabilities being added all the time!

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

No release this big would be complete without a plethora of bug fixes. We’re shipping fixes for pesky bugs where the cursor would jump around in edit mode, adjusting the suggested tag theme in light mode, rectifying navigation problems, and more. We’ve also made some mega improvements to OCR to up its accuracy on new and previous images of code in Pieces.

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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