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Pieces Copilot is Even Smarter Than Before: Pieces for VS Code 1.13.0 & Pieces for Obsidian 1.12.0

We do our best to pack every release with features and adjustments big and small that will help you reduce context switching and improve your ability to stay in flow. This release includes a few small yet impactful upgrades to your experience with Pieces Copilot in Pieces for VS Code and Pieces for Obsidian and your overall experience with the Pieces for VS Code Extension, such as recommended LLLMs based on your machine, editing copilot chat messages, and asking Pieces Copilot about a saved material with a simple right-click.

Pieces Copilot Updates

Pieces Copilot is one of our favorite and most-used features in the Pieces Suite. This release includes a number of updates to your Pieces Copilot experience to make sure that you get the best possible answers to your coding questions.

You can now use websites as context in your copilot chats! Adding context makes sure that Pieces Copilot can answer your questions as accurately as possible; using websites allows you to receive contextualized answers about documentation, forums, and more. To add context, open the copilot context menu and paste a URL.

Adding a website as context in Pieces for VS Code.

We’ve also made improvements to using Local LLMs to power Pieces Copilot. Thanks to some hard work from our team, we can now recommend the best Local LLM for your device, and we’ve improved local-only handling all around.

A recommended on-device model to power Pieces Copilot.

Last but not least, you can now edit your messages with Pieces Copilot! To adjust a message and get a new response, select the pencil icon in a copilot chat.

Editing a copilot message in Pieces for VS Code.

User Experience Improvements

In addition to all of those upgrades to your experience with Pieces Copilot, this release includes bug fixes, UI improvements, and a better user experience across the Pieces for VS Code Extension.

Quickly ask Pieces Copilot about Saved Materials by right-clicking on a snippet in the tree view. It’s easy to ask copilot a question and get a useful, contextualized answer in no time.

Using right-click > Ask Copilot in Pieces for VS Code.

Speaking of the snippet tree— you can now choose to view your saved materials in a flat list instead of grouped by language. To make this change, head to the extension settings.

Changing the setting to view your snippets in a flat list.

Adjust your metadata enrichment settings in the Extension settings menu to configure the amount of auto-generated, auto-associated metadata that Pieces will create for your saved materials. More control over your metadata means that you can customize your Pieces experience to what will be the most useful for you. More metadata will make your snippets more discoverable in search and provide more context for later reuse, while less metadata may improve search performance and allow you to simplify your workflow.

Adjusting your auto-generated metadata in the VS Code extension settings.

Pieces for Obsidian

Thank you to our users who pointed out a pesky bug in our Obsidian plugin! With today’s release, bullet points no longer disappear within callouts.

User Support

If you need help, check out our Github repo where you can create issues to get assistance from us and other users, as well as join in on discussions to request features, show off something you’ve done lately with Pieces, and generally engage with us and the rest of the Pieces community.

As always, you can reach out to us for individual assistance by filling out this quick form. Don’t forget to check out our extensive documentation as well!

Pieces ❤️ Open Source

Did you know Pieces broke into the Open Source community? We recently launched support for our TypeScript SDK on NPM where developers around the world have started to build on the Pieces Platform and get familiar with our APIs.

With our SDKs, you can build your own apps, extend Pieces functionality, and so much more. Check out our GitHub to learn more about our Open Source initiatives and how you can start contributing today!

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