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Pieces Web Extensions 2.5.0: Biggest update of 2022 🤯 You don’t want to miss this 👀

The Pieces for Developers Web Extension just got a major update to wrap up an amazing 2022. We know how vital the Web Extension is to save snippets quickly from around the web, and capture helpful context to find snippets easier later on.

Today, we’re proud to announce a monster feature that goes hand-in-hand with the beloved single-click save. Introducing Snippet Discovery for the Web Extensions! 🎉

View your Discovered Snippets

As developers, we parse through different websites at lightning speed looking for solutions to our problems. There’s nothing worse than needing to find a snippet you previously encountered, but don’t know which website it was on.

Now, the Pieces for Developers Web Extension has your back. 🙏 We store up to the last 100 snippets you’ve come across while browsing. From there, you can:

  1. Save snippets and their context to Pieces
  2. Visit the link where the snippet came from
  3. View snippets from the last X (#) of websites you visited
  4. … and much more coming soon 😉
Recently Discovered snippets in the Pieces Web Extension popover menu.

If you’d like to clear your snippet history and start from scratch, hit “Clear History” in the top-right corner and Pieces will reset your list of snippets and automatically refresh the page.

Discovered Snippets from the current page

With 2.5.0, you also can view all of the snippets on your current webpage at a glance in the popover menu.

Discovered snippets in the popover menu of the Pieces Web Extension.

From this view, you can save any of the snippets directly to Pieces with a single-click, with all of their context included, of course!

The list automatically updates between tabs without refreshing your browser and makes saving snippets from around the web even easier.

…and one more thing

Dark mode! If your operating system theme is set to dark mode, the Web Extension will match your system theme to put a little less pressure on your eyes.

The dark mode popover menu of the Pieces Web Extension.

Better Page Support

We do our best to make sure the Pieces for Developers Web Extension is functioning as well as possible across the sites you interact with each and every day. That being said, when you blacklist a website or share feedback about malfunctioning buttons, we’re listening!

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