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New Features

Pieces 1.9.0: Write less code, save more time with Snippet Discovery

Introducing Snippet Discovery— the fastest, easiest way to discover and save useful snippets from your own code. Snippet Discovery scans a given file or directory and finds the code snippets that you use frequently, enabling you to save them to Pieces. Even better, your saved snippets are upgraded to include smart tags, descriptions and more.

Discovering snippets in your existing code has huge benefits, including:

  • Standardizing your code within and across projects
  • Less time spent re-writing the same code over and over
  • Quickly and easily sharing standard snippets among your team

How to Use Snippet Discovery

To activate Snippet Discovery:

  1. Open the “Add a Piece” submenu
The Add a Piece menu in the Pieces Desktop App.

2. Choose “Snippet Discovery”

All of the ways to add a snippet to Pieces.

3. Pick a code file or folder from your file explorer, or drag it into Pieces

The menu where you can select or drag a file to Snippet Discovery.

4. Pieces extracts the useful snippets. You can choose to add them all or just your favorites!

The 40 snippets that Pieces discovered in the file.

As a reminder, Pieces runs entirely locally on your machine! Your personal Pieces micro-repo will always be specific to you.

Give us feedback

Pieces is evolving quickly, from our machine learning models to our UI. You’ll now occasionally see modals asking for feedback on certain actions. We’ll use that feedback to tune our product to your needs. Thanks for contributing!

A feedback widget in Pieces for Developers.

Bug fixes & performance improvements

  1. We noticed that users could add an empty Related Person or Sensitive. This is now fixed.
  2. If you use Pieces while connected to an account, some parts of the app used to malfunction if you lost internet connection. Not anymore— this is also fixed.

Pieces OS

Pieces OS is instrumental to the entire Pieces suite; this week, we:

  • Added Relationships Architecture and two new endpoints
  • Deprecated .ext from the Format Model, so the sole source of truth is our ClassificationSpecificEnum
  • Fixed some small bugs

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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