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Persistent Copilot Chats and More: Pieces for Developers JetBrains Plugin 6.4.0

Time and time again, our users and our team tell us that chatting with the Pieces Copilot in their IDE is downright revolutionary for their development workflow. We’re making that experience better for JetBrains users today! This release includes big updates to the Pieces Copilot in JetBrains, plus UI improvements and several pesky bug fixes. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Huge Pieces Copilot Updates

We’ve got a plethora of updates to the Pieces Copilot in our JetBrains Plugin in this release. You’ll notice that the functionality of Pieces Copilot is now very similar to our other integrations to help ensure that your experience is consistent across the Pieces Suite.

Today’s improvements include:

  • Persistent Chats: you can now revisit previous conversations with the Pieces Copilot
  • Better Context Selection: Choose files, directories, or snippets to use as context in your conversation
  • Support for file anchors

Pieces now Matches your Theme

Do you love your JetBrains IDE theme? Pieces will now automatically match it! Our UI elements now use your theme colors for a seamless visual experience.

On-theme Pieces Copilot in IntelliJ.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

As with every release, we’ve crushed a bunch of pesky bugs. Some of the most pressing include:

  • The auto-expand feature no longer expands Markdown snippets if you open a snippet preview
  • All text snippets are now gathered in one “text” category in the tree view
  • Suggested snippets have proper type icons now
  • The “Getting started” link in the plugin settings points to the new docs page
  • Added an option to disable automatic Pieces OS launching on project load

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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