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UX/UI Updates

Our Most Comprehensive Onboarding Overhaul Ever: Pieces for Developers 2.3.0

As we sat down to reimagine the onboarding experience in the Pieces Desktop App, we followed one north star: We want you to have an auto-magical experience the first time you open the app. ✨

To facilitate this, our new onboarding process is designed to give you control over your Pieces experience immediately. You can choose your default layout, select your favorite search mode, and let us know what your favorite languages are so that we can personalize Pieces for Developers to you.

If you’re already a user, you can launch the new onboarding experience from the app’s settings. If you’re new, welcome! We can’t wait for you to experience some Pieces magic. 🪄

Reimagined Onboarding

As you first set up the Pieces for Developers desktop app, you can customize your experience in a number of ways.

On the first screen, you can set your ML context to personalize your enrichment process:

  • Select your most frequent types of development
  • Select the languages you frequently use
  • Choose between Blended Cloud Processing and Local-Only Processing
  • Choose your enrichment level
    • Advanced: Larger amounts of more specific auto-generated tags, links, and more
    • Basic: Smaller amounts of less specific auto-generated enrichment
The first screen of Pieces for Developers onboarding.

The second screen allows you to personalize how the app looks and how you find your snippets:

You can easily toggle between views in the app, or change your default in the Pieces for Developers desktop app User Settings.

The options to find your snippets how you like in Pieces for Developers.

On the final screen, you can integrate Pieces with your other commonly used tools, set up a Pieces Cloud account, and more:

  • Select the types of projects you work on: Individual, Team, Both
  • Integrate with GitHub (Optional)
  • Integrate with Microsoft (Optional)
  • Connect your Google account or create a Pieces account with your email (Optional)
  • Claim your custom Pieces Domain to enable one-click snippet sharing
Account options in the Pieces for Developers Desktop App.

You can adjust your preferences after onboarding by visiting the User Settings— just hit ,.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

As always, this release includes a number of performance enhancements and fixes for pesky bugs. We hope that Pieces runs just a little more smoothly for you!

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As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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