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JetBrains 3.4.2: Import files to Pieces, filter your snippet list and more

Pieces for JetBrains 3.4.2 drops some exciting new features that aren’t seen anywhere else in the Pieces suite. This release includes a brand new ability to save entire files to Pieces, as well as a dynamic snippet list that reflects the language of the project that is currently open. We’re also laying the groundwork for future features, including the ability to share your snippets via links in just one click.

Save files to Pieces

Drumroll, please… You can now save entire files to Pieces from IntelliJ! If you’d like to save an entire project to Pieces, right-click in your file tree and hit “Save to Pieces.” Saving a file creates a local backup on your machine and will soon allow you to quickly share your files via Pieces link sharing (launching any day now!).

Filter your snippet list

We’re upgrading your insertable snippet list so that you can find the snippet you’re looking for, faster. The new Pieces snippet list prioritizes the snippets that match the language of your current file, so the snippets you see are the snippets you’re most likely to need.

You can choose how you’d like this filter to work in your IDE; go to your Pieces settings and select from:

  • Do not filter: If you don’t filter, you’ll view all your snippets when choosing one to insert.
  • Show uncertain: If your file’s language isn’t supported by Pieces, we’ll show every snippet that could match your file, and only hide the snippets we're 100% sure do not match.
  • Hide uncertain: We’ll only show snippets that we are 100% sure match the current file type.

Enable / disable auto-complete

Choose if you’d like to enable auto-complete or not. Simply open your Pieces settings in JetBrains and toggle the auto-complete option to suit your preferences.


We’ve launched a new and improved onboarding path for JetBrains users. This process makes it easier for new users to install Pieces for Developers and Pieces OS, save their first snippet and unlock the full potential of Pieces for JetBrains.


As always, if you run into issues or have feedback, please fill out this quick form or email us at and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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